Monday, August 10, 2009

Book Spotlight: The Calling by David Mack

I signed up to review this book for this date, but just received the book today! So here's the cover and information, and hopefully I'll be able to review it soon.

About the Book:


No one would guess by looking at Tom Nash that he's extraordinary, and that's just fine with him. A tall, broad-shouldered jack-of-all-trades from Sawyer, Pennsylvania, Tom has a knack for fixing things. He also hides a secret talent: he hears people's prayers. Stranger still, he answers them. Maybe it's because he's a handyman, but Tom feels compelled to fix people's problems. Which is all well and good -- until the soul-shattering plea of a terrified girl sends him on the darkest journey of his life....


Heeding the call and leaving his home for New York City, Tom discovers a secret world beyond the range of mortal perception -- a world of angels and demons and those who serve them. With the guidance of a knowing stranger named Erin, Tom learns that he himself is one of The Called, born with a divine purpose and a daunting task: to help the powers of Heaven in the war against the agents of Hell, an army of fallen angels known as the Scorned. Thrust into an epic battle of the sacred and the profane, Tom Nash must find the girl who prayed for his help -- because her fate will determine whether humanity deserves to be saved, or damned for all eternity....

Oh my gosh this sounds like just my kind of thing!



Sandy Nawrot said...

I'm glad to see how you handled this. I have had some ARCs arrive very very close to the date I'm supposed to review them, and I know one of these days I'm not going to be able to get the thing read on time. As always you are a vision of tact! The book sounds intriguing!

Dreamybee said...

Ooh, this sounds good!

Anonymous said...

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Sheila (bookjourney) said...

I read a review on this yesterday and I thought it looked wonderful too... love the mysterious cover... it makes me want to know what is inside.

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