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Tube Talk Tuesday: Supernatural Episodes 3.5 and 3.6

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Every week Elizabeth and I discuss a few episodes of Supernatural. We're currently discussing season 3. Feel free to join in, just don't spoil us...and if you aren't watching, get thee to Netflix immediately.

Episode 3.5 Bedtime Stories
Sam and Dean investigate a small town that has been plagued by a number of strange murders resembling fairytales like Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Hansel and Gretel.

Amy: So this was pretty freaky featuring another creepy kid!!!
Elizabeth: Seriously, this show is making me rethink my parenting aspirations.
Amy: So Sam wants to go try to kill the demon who holds the contract but Dean says no. Do you think Dean says no because he really believes Sam could be hurt or because he really wants to die?
Elizabeth: I think it's probably a little bit of each. He's terrified of losing Sam, so can't agree to anything that might result in Sam dying. But I'm sure, even if he wouldn't admit it, the idea of laying down his burden has to be appealing.
Amy: The old woman with the pie was so creepy!!!
Elizabeth: I know - when I saw her, I knew immediately she was a baddy.
Amy: How funny when Sam said I'm thinking fairy tales and Dean was like, "do you think about fairy tales often?"
Or..."I'm going to stop the big bad wolf."
Elizabeth: Dean always has the best lines. Amy: So true, part of why I love him.
Didn't the adult Callie look like Snow White????
Elizabeth: Yep - I wonder if the actress had ever had that job at Disneyland. They certainly did a great job of laying her out in the bed. Amy: Well, she didn't have a long life on Supernatural, so if not hopefully she keeps that option open.
Amy: Dean says letting go is good advice, but Sam is unable to. He goes to the crossroads to try to break the deal. But someone more powerful holds the contract. Who do you think that is? Were you surprised he killed the demon anyway?
Elizabeth: Good advice that Dean obviously couldn't take himself. I think it could very well be Lucifer that holds the contract - he's been mentioned now, so he's clearly going to be part of the mythology. And I wasn't surprised when Sam killed the demon - I think he was always planning to. I'm worried, however, that killed seems to be getting a lot easier for him. Amy: Good point about Dean being unable to take that advice himself. But if any of the Winchesters could, it does seem it would be Sam.

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Episode 3.6: Red Sky at Morning
Sam and Dean investigate the mysterious demise of drowning victims who were nowhere near water at the time of their death. The brothers learn that each of the victims saw a ghost ship shortly before they died.

Amy: A Ghost Ship!!! What fun! Well, until someone gets killed.
Elizabeth: I know. Something about ships always seems so romantic to me, even though I know the reality was anything but. It still always makes me grin, though.
Amy: Dean yells at Sam for going after the Crossroads demon. In some ways it makes sense that he's upset since the best lead is dead.
Elizabeth: Well, it was a pretty stupid move on Sam's part. He endangered himself, he used the colt, he didn't accomplish anything, and he killed the only thing that had any information. In this case, I think Dean's anger is justified.
Amy: How about that old woman going after Sam? Bleeeccchhh!
Elizabeth: HAH! That was HILARIOUS!! And I love that Dean thinks she's crazy, because she went after Sam and not him.
Amy: How about Dean hyperventilating over his car?
Elizabeth: I'm pretty sure he loves that car as much as he loves Sam. Amy: LOL, that car is a main character. Ooooohhh Bella! Were you surprised to learn that she was Alex?
Elizabeth: Yes, but also happy - even though she's a baddy, I really like her! Amy: She makes things really interesting. Sam's having a crisis over not being able to save anyone. Do you think he worries he won't have much value when Dean's gone? I imagine he has or will have some survivor's guilt. Elizabeth: I'm sure that's part of it, and the crossroads demon touched on that before he killed her. Also, I think he still feels like he needs to save as many people as he can to avoid his fate.
Amy: Dean in a tux.....pretty hot. He's always hot though. More icky scenes between Sam and Gert. Elizabeth: Yes, and the little James Bond music as he came down the stairs was great. And the best line of the episode was Dean to Bella - "Don't objectify me." HAH! Also, Sam in a tux was pretty easy on the eyes as well. Amy: Well yes, Sam is always hot, too! Why do you think I love this show? ;) Bella tricked them again...why do they always fall for her tricks? Elizabeth: Umm...because they aren't that smart? Seriously, for two guys who are supposed to know so much, they can be incredibly dumb sometimes. Amy: This is true. Makes for good drama, though.
Amy: (can't believe I asked this question)I thought Bella deserved to see the Ghost Ship...didn't you?
Elizabeth: Well, I guess we don't really know - she never told us what she did to cause the ghost ship to appear before her. And I thought the scene where she gave the brothers the money was interesting - Dean calls her damaged, and she says it takes one to know one. I think we'll see her again. Amy: I guess she tried to off a family member. I just have this thing about justice...like I was happy when she touched the rabbit foot, b/c it doesn't seem right to play around with this stuff and not face the consequences. Meanwhile, I think all hunters are damaged.
How about that scene in the car at the end? Sam just wants Dean to care. But I just don't think Dean's at the point in his processing yet.
Elizabeth: I think he is - I think he's absolutely terrified, and still can't admit it. I thought it was telling at the beginning that, even while he was yelling at Sam for going after the demon, one of his first questions was whether or not he was free of the contract. I think he cares more than anyone realizes, and if he admits it he's afraid he will break. Amy: You're probably right.

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I got on a roll last night - I have a feeling I'm going to finish season 3 today. Then what will I do??? I'm going to have to find an online source. If I get season 4 watched next month, then I can watch season 5 in real time! (This is kinda turning into a crisis for me...)

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