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Tube Talk: Supernatural 3.9, 3.10

Every week Elizabeth and I chat about a few episodes of Supernatural. Next week we're taking a little break, but I'll try to report about the Supernatural panel at Comic-Con instead!

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Episode 9: Malleus Malificarum
Synopsis: Sam and Dean travel to Sturbridge, Massachusetts, and discover a coven of witches that has killed two people.

Amy: This episode was pretty hard to watch for me. The teeth coming out was just absolutely terrible. GROSS.
Elizabeth: I have dreams like that!!! Okay, now I'm freaked out.
Amy: So...witches. I take it Dean really doesn't like witches!
Elizabeth: Right - "spewing their bodily fluids everywhere..." It's like he takes personal offense to them for some reason,.
Amy: The worst part was the meat with the maggots all over it and then the guy's burger turned into that. Seriously, that just grossed me out SO MUCH.
Elizabeth: That part kinda just reminded me of something Andrew Zimmerin would eat on Bizarre Foods, so it honestly didn't bother me that much. Amy: I think I might have been eating at the time.
Amy: Did you realize witchcraft was being performed on Amanda?
Elizabeth: That was surprising, but it kinda makes sense - in witchcraft, what goes around really does come around.
Amy: How funny was Dean about the rabbit?
Elizabeth: hee hee.
Amy: Book club...of a very different sort. I don't really want a book club like that.
Elizabeth: Yeah, that's taking it a little far. Thank heavens all my book friends are ACTUALLY book friends.
Amy: Were you especially suspicious of Renee?
Elizabeth: YES. Immediately. She seemed like the evil ringleader right away.
Amy: Ruby again. Wants Sam to get out of dodge.
Elizabeth: Why does she keep helping them? SO confused...
Amy: So the witches get their power from demons. (duh)
Elizabeth: Well, that wasn't the biggest surprise of the night.
Amy: Dean is still concerned about Sam, but Sam is just trying to become like Dean.
Elizabeth: I don't think that had ever occurred to Dean before - he's so busy trying to protect Sam, the last thing he would ever expect would be that Sam would try to become like them.
Amy: Dean always seems to be the one getting beat up, doesn't he???? What a way to spend your last few months on earth. Thank God his teeth didn't come out. What was that crap Ruby forced down his throat?
Elizabeth: Yeah, his track record is not that good. For a tough guy, he spends a lot of time on the floor.
Amy: Okay I was surprised that Tammy was the demon. And she was pretty dang freaky. I wasn't sure they were going to pull out of that one!
Elizabeth: Well, she was my #2 choice for evil baddy, so I wasn't too surprised. However, when she stopped the bullet, I knew things were going to go badly. Tammy lets it slip that the demons don't believe in Sam anymore - now there is a new leader who wants him dead.
Amy: So how about demons used to be humans? I guess that souls are eternal in the Supernatural mythology...they either become completely evil, they linger as spirits, or they go someplace we don't yet know. (please let there be a heaven!)
Elizabeth: Well, that was unexpected. The demons are getting to be almost as interesting as the Winchesters. I'd really like some more exploration of the possible endings for souls - it seems like there is a lot there we don't know.
It's interesting that they are portraying hell as fairly close to the Christian belief - a place of torment, with a real fire in the pit.
Amy: Ruby admits she can't get Dean out of his deal, but wants his help to get Sam ready to fight the war.
Elizabeth: I think that's the one thing Dean really doesn't want to do - make Sam more like him. I'm still holding out hope that there's some way to get Dean out of his deal. And Ruby still remembers what it's like to be human.....wow.

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Episode 10: Dream a Little Dream of Me
Synopsis:When Bobby falls into a coma and can't be awakened, Sam and Dean race to his side.

Amy: Bobby!!!!!!!!!!!! I was sad to see Bobby trapped in his dreams!!!
Elizabeth: Really scary, because Bobby is always the one who knows what's going on. Bad when he's the one in trouble. I hated the scenes where he was screaming for help!
Amy: Sam accuses Dean of not even wanting to save himself. Sam says something about what Dean is going to become. Do you think Dean told him about how demons used to be human?
Elizabeth: I'm not sure - he also mentions he's starting to think not even Ruby can save Dean, which means he obviously doesn't know everything Ruby told Dean.
Amy: So the whole sleep root/drug thing is pretty interesting. I pretty much yelled at Dean, don't drink the beer!!!
Elizabeth: Right - especially in the "I was only growing ferns" guy's room.
Best line of the episode -
Dean: I take it we believe the legends.
Sam: When don't we?
Amy: So....Sam's dream about Bella...pretty funny. Ha! (I like how they always play that sleazy music during the sex scenes)
Elizabeth: Yeah, the "Bowm-chicka-waw-waaaa" music is always a sign...
Amy: Did you trust she had pure intentions?
Elizabeth: Well, no. I don't think she ever has pure intentions. But I think Bobby saving her made her slightly more likely to help.
Amy: I thought that the story about Bobby's wife was just really really sad, and that he's so haunted by what he did to her. I thought Sam stepping out into Pushing Daisies land was weird as well. And I was touched when Dean revealed that he thinks of Bobby as a father. I think Bobby is a MUCH better father figure to Dean than John was.
Elizabeth: Nearly anyone could be a better father than John was. (Sorry, still don't like him.) I think Bobby has been there for the brothers much more than John ever was, physically and emotionally. His wife's story was tragic - every hunter has a tragic story.
Amy: Ugh not sleeping...UGH.
Elizabeth: Yeah, that would never work for me.
Amy: Dean didn't want Sam inside his head...I have to admit....how terrifying!
Elizabeth: Well, he's always had a lot he's hidden from Sam - now it's all going to be out there.
Amy: I was so sad to see what Dean's dream was...just to have a normal life...a wife and kid. :(
Elizabeth: Similar to when the djinn gave him his wish - he just wants a normal life. Amy: It's interesting because what's on the exterior of these boys is not necessarily what's deep down inside.
Amy: When Dean faced himself, I actually think he was able to resolve a lot of issues. Most notably that he doesn't deserve to go to hell, and he didn't deserve to be treated the way his father treated him. I thought the DVD extra about the evolution of this episode was really interesting. I think it ended up being just right, truthfully.
Elizabeth: That was an extremely powerful moment. There was something awfully symbolic about Dean killing that version of himself.
Amy: Bella is always up to no good!
Elizabeth: She never has good intentions - and now Dean might really kill her.
Amy: I'm glad he was able to tell Sam he doesn't want to die. But I fear there will be no way to save him. :(
Elizabeth: I'm so happy he is slowly but surely coming out from behind the walls he has put up. But you're right - I don't know that there is anything to be done to save him.

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