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Tube Talk Tuesday: Supernatural Season 2, episodes 2x5, 2x6

I haven't actually thought about Supernatural for days so consumed have I been with BEA. But I can't wait to get back into it! By the way, I noticed, the seasons are currently on sale at Amazon for 19.99 so if you want buy them and catch up to us in time for season 3...ahem.

Anyway, here are our chats! Elizabeth's thoughts are in italics and mine are plain text. Don't forget to visit her blog for our thoughts on episodes 7 and 8.

Season 2, Episode 5 Simon Said
Synopsis: Sam and Dean meet Andy, a slacker who has psychic powers of persuasion that he uses to gain favors from people.

Sam's visions are back and I suspect they are getting more painful?

Yeah, you can tell each time he has one, it just seems to get worse.

I'm really glad I don't know anyone who can make me tell the truth! That's scary stuff!

Its interesting how each of the kids with "abilities" has just a slightly different twist on the psychic stuff. It would certainly make them more powerful if they ever decided to join forces. I also thought it was interesting that the mind control didn't work on Sam - maybe the kids can't influence each other, just people without powers?
It would certainly seem so.

And really could they have imagined any worse deaths for those people? Covering oneself in gasoline and lighting a fire seemed particularly bad.

Yeah, that fire was pretty horrific. It was clear that whomever was causing the deaths had some pretty serious hatred of these people.

Dean was really making me laugh with the truth telling and the way he abandoned the Impala! Must have been some serious power at work to get him to abandon his car!

That was hilarious! And the way you could tell that he KNEW it wasn't right, but just couldn't help himself.

So we have another set of brothers, this time twins one evil one good...foreshadowing? Or just a reminder that Dean and Sam are lucky to have had each other?

I thought that was an interesting twist. It certainly does mirror Sam and Dean, and the possibility that Sam might turn evil. But Sam has a huge advantage, which is that his brother won't LET him become that kind of monster. The brothers are certainly lucky to have each other!

Sam is grappling with what his abilities mean for him. Will they make him evil? Dean says no, but he does admit they're starting to scare him.

I think the most telling part was when he said, "In the right circumstances, everyone is capable of murder." He's done some stuff that he never imagined he would do since joining back up with Dean, so he realizes it's possible that something could happen to make him turn evil. Dean can't allow that to even be a possibility, because he so believes that he will be able to save his brother.

Also we learn they have no way of knowing how many others like Sam are out there...scary stuff!

Right - who knows how far this reaches? I think Sam and Dean are just now realizing how big of a task they have ahead of them.

Season 2, Episode 6
Synopsis: Sam and Dean investigate the brutal slayings of blond women from the same apartment building and discover that the demon responsible is the ghost of the country's first serial murderer, H. H. Holmes.

I was pretty happy with all the creepy going on in this episode...old building, ectoplasm...good times!

Yes, this one was a great haunted house. Although, the fact that those girls saw weird black goo oozing from their light sockets and didn't immediately RUN OUT OF THE BUILDING kinda drove me nuts.

Well it seems that Jo really wants the life of a hunter, but her mom doesn't want her involved.....there's obviously some history going on there.

I think even without the brothers involved, Ellen has already lost a husband to hunting, so her desire to keep Jo out of that life seems perfectly understandable. And I sorta get not wanting your cute daughter to run off with the Winchesters, too. =)

What did you think about Sam and Dean not telling Ellen that Jo was with them?

Well, I knew that was going to come back to bite them at some point - it always does. But I can understand that they would sympathize with her - I'm sure they've felt like their dad was overprotective and controlling before - and want to help her out.

I thought Dean's little speech to Jo about how she had someone who loved her enough to want better things for her was rather heartbreaking. The lives of hunters and their familes...not happy places.

Yeah, it's pretty clear that all children of hunters are damaged somehow. And I think it says a lot about Dean's relationship with his own dad - I'm sure he wishes his dad could have loved HIM enough to keep him out of that life.

As much as I'm into girl power, Jo did get on my nerves a little bit. I mean...what do you expect to happen if you crawl into a demon infested building?

Well, yes, the crying and shrieking was a little over the top. Honey, if this is the life you want, bad things are going to happen. You need to learn a better way to deal with it. Yes, you make the choice...deal with the consequences! It's like the people who stay behind in a tornado and get shocked when their lives are in danger.

The revelation at the end that Ellen blames John for the death of her husband and that Dean and Sam are just like him was interesting, but man did Jo's reaction bother me! I really need more details!

Also, I don't think Sam and Dean are exactly JUST like their dad. But yes, I thought it was a bit much - I can understand a revelation like that would be upsetting, but unless Ellen told her that John specifically set out to get her dad killed, I think Jo really overreacted. I mean, hunting is dangerous, and sometimes bad things happen. But I would really like to hear the whole story! Okay, you're right...they're not exactly like their dad...just that Ellen thinks they are!

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