Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tube Talk on a Special Day: Thursday! Supernatural 2x9, 2x10

BEA is to blame for the disruption in all of my regular posting activities. And impossible to believe, but I've fallen behind Elizabeth in watching Supernatural again!

Anyway if you've seen the show feel free to chime in, just don't spoil us.

Episode 9: Croatoan
Synposis: When Sam has a vision of Dean killing a young man who seems to be possessed by a demon, the two brothers head to Oregon to search for answers

Amy: I should start by saying I thought this episode was brilliant. Despite the fact that he's so tortured, I sort of love a tortured Dean! Also generally like zombie spreading diseases.

Elizabeth: Yes, this was a good one. I think JA is so good at playing tortured Dean that I can't help but love him. (Amy again....yes we all know how I feel about Jensen!!)

Amy: How clever is this show...turns every mystery into the Supernatural!

Elizabeth: I know - I thought, Oh my gosh, now there are supernatural diseases!! Brilliant.

Amy: Sam's vision was pretty freaky....did you expect it to play out like it did?

Elizabeth: Well, ever since the shapeshifter episode, I worry that Dean will go off the edge and do something terrible. It just seems like he's SO close to the edge all the time. I was worried that this time was that time.

Amy: Did you think Dean would actually shoot the kid?

Elizabeth: I kinda thought he would, actually. I think both Sam and Dean are a bit like ticking time bombs, and something will eventually set them off.

Amy: Did you realize Dean was at the point that he just wanted to die?

Elizabeth: I knew he was having trouble, but I didn't realize it was that serious. I thought it was heartbreaking when he just wanted to stay with Sam and have it be the end.

Amy: Were you shocked by the ending? (like did you realize that kid was a demon?)

Elizabeth: At the beginning I suspected him, but by the end I didn't - it definitely surprised me!

Amy: What do you think happened to the disease?

Elizabeth: I don't know - maybe it was like Ebola, and just burned itself out in 24 hours. I was also really interested in the fact that Sam was immune - just like he's immune to the other "special" kids' powers. He obviously has some sort of supernatural immunity.

Amy: I hate that they didn't tell us what Dad told Dean..BUT I love that I'm watching on DVD. ;)

Elizabeth: I know - thank goodness I didn't have to wait a week!

Amy: favorite line..."Dean that's not school, that's schoolhouse rock!" :)

Elizabeth: That's great one!

(Poor Elizabeth...I pretty just gave her a bunch of questions!)

Episode 10: Hunted
Synopsis: After Dean (Jensen Ackles) tells Sam (Jared Padalecki) what their father told him before he died, a distraught Sam sneaks off to Indiana without Dean.

Amy: So this is round bout where I say Supernatural is on a roll because I thought this was another stellar episode.

Elizabeth: Yep, another great one. And it furthered the "special kids" story arc, which I really like.

Amy: First of all, I was rather shocked by what Dad told Dean. And then kind of pissed. I mean, after giving Dean a lifetime of too much weight on his shoulders, he abandoned responsibility by forcing Dean back to life and dealing with Sam. And does he really think Dean would ever be capable of killing Sam? We just saw in Croatoan, that no, he won't, he'd rather die with him than kill him.

Elizabeth: I know - just another reason I'm not a fan of Dad. How could he put that on Dean's shoulders? And how does he not know his own son well enough to know that Dean would do ANYTHING to save Sam - he'll never let him die.

Amy: So Sam's ticked at Dean, Dad and life in general and takes off. So now I'm ticked at Sam. Why does he always leave when things get tough?

Elizabeth: Well, I don't think he really had a great example of conflict-resolution growiing up.

Amy: Sam meets cute girl who had forseen his death!

Elizabeth: I really like Ava! And interesting that there is someone who has the same power as Sam.

Amy: Were you surprised to see Gordon again? I think this really ups the stakes since it shows more hunters are going to be blindly after Sam.

Elizabeth: I had a feeling Gordon would come back to be a problem, and I knew he would be out for revenge. I worry, because this is just another thing working against the brothers.

Amy: I was happy to see them sort of make-up with Ellen.

Elizabeth: I like Ellen, so I'm always glad to have her in a story.

Amy: The ending was chilling didn't you think?

Elizabeth: Yes - I feel like things are really heading toward something bad, and I don't know how everything will play out, but I'm really worried for the brothers.

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Elizabeth said...

I saw JP on a re-run of Ellen today - it was so odd to see him outside of the show. And he is seriously TALL!! Also, doesn't he have blue eyes on the show? Or I am just so mesmerized by Jensen's that I haven't noticed? =)

Michelle said...

Ladies what is your schedule for watching episodes? I might have to start re-watching them again so I can put your comments into better perspective :)

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