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Tube Talk Tuesday: Supernatural Episodes 2x1, 2x2

As much as I loved season one, I am really really digging season two. Sadly, I'm already halfway through, so these discussions are lagging a bit! I hope you enjoy!! Elizabeth's thoughts are italicized and I am in normal text!

2x1, In My Time of Dying
Synopsis: In the season premiere, Sam, Dean and John have been left for dead after the Demon plowed a truck into the Impala.

First of all, I'm really glad that I didn't have to wait through a summer to find out what happened after the car crash. Sam walks away relatively intact. Were you worried about the others?

Well, I guess I wasn't worried that one of them would actually be GONE - I mean, it's only season 2. The brothers have to be around for a while. But I was worried that the show might kill one of them off, and have them come back as a spirit or something - it seems like you can never be too sure with shows like this.

I was worried the instant that Dean realized he was out of his body. That is never good! However I had hope that there was hope since he didn't just cease to be. Do you think Sam's anger at their dad was justified?

Exactly! It was my fear from the cliffhanger ending coming true! And yes, I think if I was in Sam's place, I would have been very angry with my dad. See, this is why Dad's practice of keeping everything from the kids backfires - if he would have told Sam he had a plan to get Dean back, Sam wouldn't have had to run around yelling at him. Just tell the boys what's going on!!!

Did you realize that Dad was going to summon the evil demon? doesn't it seem really brave?

Are you asking me this question to force me to like Dad?? =) Yes, it was brave - I've never questioned his bravery. I just don't think that HIS goals are necessarily the best thing for the brothers all the time.
Ha, no. I'm not his biggest fan, but I don't think he's all bad. In fact, I'm really torn over his decisions and what they mean.

What did you think the ghost was at first...did you realize it was a reaper?

Well, a reaper made sense, in a hospital where people are close to death all the time. Yes. But if there really is some sort of reaper, I hope they are a bit nicer looking. That reaper made me think there's a good reason to fear death!

Were you suspicious of the girl right away or not?

I did NOT - that was a surprise. Sometimes I think I'm a little slow to pick up on clues like that. =) For what it's worth, I wasn't either.

What did you think of Sam and Dean's ability to communicate through the Ouija board? Do you think Sam was able to sense Dean because of his abilities?

I thought it was a great idea! I was actually a little bit surprised Sam couldn't communicate with him before that, but I suppose we haven't seen him able to do that before. I just really wanted Sam to realize Dean was there! Have you ever played with a Ouija board? I did once in junior high when most people do, and nothing happened. No one even pretended!

How did you feel about the Dad and son's last scenes? Whatever did he tell Dean? I was glad he acknowledged his failing as a parent.

Man, I was yelling at the TV - What did you just tell him!! I was happy that he could admit he wasn't the best parent, but I'm worried it was too little, too late. I don't know that Dean will ever truly believe his dad loves him. Seriously, who would lean over and whisper in real life! Contrived!

Loved this episode and thought it was extremely satisfying start to season 2. Poor Dad. :(

It was a great start to the season!!

2x2, Everybody Loves a Clown
After listening to a message on John's, cell phone from a woman named Ellen, Sam and Dean decide to track her down.

Clowns are always topping the list of scary things, so it seemed perfect for an episode of Supernatural, don't you think?

Yeah, clowns are just weird. I could never understand why parents would get them for their kids' birthday parties. I think the show does a good job of using the fears that normal people have, and making them much scarier!

I thought that little carnival was scary enough and the clown certainly didn't seem like anything I'd befriend!

Right - hasn't anyone ever told those kids not to let strangers in their house? Especially strangers wearing weird face paint?? I couldn't believe those kids just kept opening the door for the clown!

And my favorite lines from this episode - when Sam and Dean were giving each other a hard time about their respective phobias:

Sam - At least I'm not afraid of flying,
Dead - Planes crash.
Sam - And apparently clowns kill!!

What did you think of Ellen, Jo, and the bar? (even more hunters for you!) I was kind of glad there was a place with people who knew their dad.

I love Ellen, Jo, and Ash! I think these characters are a great addition to the storyline. I love that Ellen and Jo are strong and fiesty, and don't NEED any help from the brothers, thank you very much. And I think having someone who knew their dad will eventually be helpful for the brothers.

In these first few episodes, I've been most interested in how Sam and Dean are dealing with their dad's death. Sam seems a bit more keen to give up school for the life a hunter now. What did you think of Dean's reaction to that?

Well, I think he's torn - he desperately wants Sam to stay with him, but he also knows that it's not really that great of a life, and wants something better for his little brother. It's probably a little bit of relief, and a little bit of surprise that Sam would be willing to give up normalcy to stay on the road with him.

I have to admit I thought the ending of this episode struck just the right tone. Dean is clearly suffering and has no place to process his anger in a healthy way. Powerful stuff when he started hitting his car. :(

Yeah, that got me a little choked up. I worry that Dean will close up more and more into himself, because he has so much anger and guilt that needs to come out. And, of course, now he feels even more that it is his duty to protect Sam, so he believes he can't appear to be even a little bit weak. But Sam so wants to help!!

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Kailana said...

I think I am going to get a copy of the first season of this show. I'm curious and it sounds like something I would like!

Elizabeth said...

I don't remember ever playing with a Ouija board growing up. I know that once we tried "light as a feather, stiff as a board", and that failed spectacularly, so I think that was the end of our adventures.

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