Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Best of 2008--Music

I don't feel like I paid a lot of attention to music this year. In fact, I am probably a pretty casual music consumer. I love music, but I haven't spent a lot of time exploring new artists this year. So most of my favorite albums are ones released by the artists I already have history with...the ones I already love.

Andrew Peterson's Resurrection Letters, Volume 2
This is surely no surprise to my long time readers. I love this album. I never had a chance to write my more fully developed thoughts on it, but I love it. I await the one day release of volume 1. :)

Counting Crows Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings
I know a lot of people were disappointed in this album, but not I. I love it.

Justin McRoberts Deconstruction
I have always loved McRoberts thought-provoking and honest lyrics. I really enjoyed this one as well.

Ben Shive The Ill-Tempered Klavier
I actually just finally bought this the other day, but I am really enjoying it so far, just as I knew I would.

I am really open to suggestions and recommendations in the music department. Most of these are indie Christian artists that I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who loves singer/songwriters. And the Counting Crows are the biggie (and not Christian). So feel free to recommend anything in the same vein you think I might enjoy. :) Be sure to share your favorite music of 2008 in comments as well!



Anonymous said...

Yay! Another Counting Crows lover! It took a while for Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings to grow on me, but once it did, man I was hooked. I like the Saturday Nights portion but LOVE Sunday Mornings, esp. "Washington Square" and "When I Dream of Michelangelo." I could just listen to them over and over. The best part, though, is at the end of "Los Angeles" when Adam says "Hey man, it's a really good place to find yourself a taco." I knew from that point on that I'd love the album.

August & Everything After will always be my favorite, though. Hubs and I incorporated a lot of Counting Crows into our wedding, and it's great to have those extra memories.

I didn't pay much attention to new music this year, either...I'll be thinking about my best-ofs later.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of Andrew Peterson. If you enjoy him then I would recommend Indelible Grace, Matthew Smith and JJ Heller. They have become some of my favorites over the past year.

Stephen said...

Glad you like Ben's album. Do You Remember is my favorite song.

I'll second the recommendation for JJ Heller's music, if you don't have any of it yet.

One of my favorite albums of the year is Sam Phillips' Don't Do Anything, with lines like, "Nostalgia isn't what it used to be."

Randall Goodgame's album, that I wrote a couple string arrangements for, can be downloaded for free here through tomorrow.

Amy said...

Rebecca..I know! I think August and Everything After is a practically perfect album...I love every song and never tire of it.

Stephen and Amy...I do have two JJ Heller albums (are there more?) Thanks for the tips!

Michele said...

I've been so out of touch with music lately (except for soundtracks for some reason...big instrumental scores have sidetracked me, it seems). I feel way out of touch because other than Counting Crows, I didn't recognize one artist you listed (eek!). Guess I will have to start re-educating myself, eh?

Anonymous said...

Amy- Itunes shows three albums by JJ Heller.

Painted Red

The Pretty & The Plain

Only Love Remains

Stephen said...

If you don't have Only Love Remains, I'd recommend it. It's the first one that Mitch Dane produced - he also produced The Pretty and the Plain, Painted Red, and the Christmas EP, Wake Up the World. There are two albums before Only Love Remains, but the quality isn't as good.

Jill Phillips new record, The Good Things, is also really good. Resurrection is an incredible song.

Anonymous said...


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