Friday, September 5, 2008

Staying Up Impossibly Late to Listen to the New Andrew Peterson CD or I Apologize in Advance, Dear STudents

Today on the drive home, I was listening to Andrew Peterson. As frequently happens when I'm sleep deprived and listening to Andrew Peterson's amazingly gorgeous incisive and poetic lyrics, I found tears in my eyes and longing in my heart. And I thought...just a few more weeks till I can finally have the new album we've been waiting for what seems like ages for.

Tonight, after spending hours on BBAW awards, writing some reviews, and answering some emails, I decided to indulge in a few minutes of my google reader. There was some silly stuff from Brant, way too many book reviews, tons of gossip and news about the upcoming television season, and more. When I saw there was some new Rabbit Room posts, I got really excited. The Rabbit Room is my favorite thinking blog, and it seems like lately it's been quiet. Today it had the best possible news.

The entire Andrew Peterson album Resurrection Letters Volume II, is online in the form of an online jukebox. I'm listening to it right now, getting those tears in my eyes, and that deep unfillable longing in my heart. Check it out.

I have some thinking posts inside of myself waiting to come out when I have time...a review of the movie Traitor and some thoughts on the election from a non-political view. And a new series of posts on the transforming power of story.

See you soon!


Thomas said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for the link to AP's new album. You rock Amy!


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