Saturday, August 2, 2008

Why I Don't Use the Library Part Three: The Finale

Using the library as a youngster, I learned the meaning of Be Sure Your Sins Will Find You Out.

I always read books way ahead of my age level. I was reading Nancy Drew in first grade. I was reading young adult books by third grade. All about boyfriends and girlfriends and first kisses and then some. I became totally addicted to a series of very deep and profound young adult books, I simply had to read them...Sweet Valley High. I read both Sweet Valley Twins and Sweet Valley High for awhile, but preferred the high school set until one day on the way home from piano practice, I turned to my sister while reading the back cover copy and asked..."what does seduce mean?"

My mother was horrified. Shortly, I was told I was no longer allowed to read these books. But, friends, I was addicted.

Since I generally had free reign in the library, I learned a trick. If I brought a little tote bag with me, I could hide the Sweet Valley books in it and carry in hand the more acceptable books. (I checked out at least ten at at time) I fed my addiction this way and all was well, until we moved from Iowa to St. Louis. My mother, having a strict moral code, requested a list of our fines so we could pay them off. She then discovered...da dum. That I had been sneaking the Sweet Valley books. I got in trouble, but mostly felt ashamed for not being able to reign in the addiction.

It's not the library's fault, but it's a somewhat negative memory associated with the library...and I guess in the end it all comes down those pesky fines again!

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Anonymous said...

LOL @ You!

I have a favor. Would you see if you can comment on my blog? Also, what browser are you using? A couple of viewers are saying they can't view/comment on my blog. :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, I got the books today and I love the bookmark!! Thank you SO much for your note too, you are a doll! I love your blog, you are an inspiring young lady for your boldness for Christ!

Sarah said...

Just typed a whole long comment and lost it cause Google said I wasn't signed in... but I am!

err... the point was that I was there with ya as a kid. And I'm facing the same concern with my brilliant 7 year old. She can totally read at a high level, but I don't want her reading certain books, ya know.

I'm trying to find wholesome books that are entertaining for her and at her level. Hard to do.

Elizabeth said...

This makes me laugh, because my Mom had the same dillema with me, except it was Regency Romances. I just couldn't figure out what could possibly be wrong with them. Of course, I also read The Handmaid's Tale in 4th grade - I tried to get extra credit because I pointed out to my teacher that the author didn't use quotation marks in the dialogue scenes. I'm pretty sure that's when my mom decided I was going to read whatever I wanted, no matter what she tried. (poor my mom.) *grin*

Amy said...

Sarah, that does sound like a challenge. What kind of books does she like reading now?

Elizabeth, that's hilarious. It's funny b/c I'll read some YA books now and think "I can't believe the stuff in these books!" then I remember what I was reading a young age....

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