Monday, August 18, 2008

Music Monday: Pre-Order Andrew Peterson's Resurrection Letters Vol. 2 Right This Second!

There are a few things I like to celebrate around this old blog-- book bloggers, a new book from Julie Lessman, Christmas (obviously), and Andrew Peterson singer/songwriter/author extraordinaire.

I also enjoy participating in Music Monday at The Secret Life of Kat!

And I also love great deals on music. And to me, ordering Andrew Peterson's new album Resurrection Letters vol. 2 and getting TWO copies for a mere 15 dollars is a steal. (b/c I'd pay much more than that but shhh, don't let the record label know what a goldmine they have)

Check it out! By the way, is that not the most gorgeous cover?!?


Thomas said...


When I get home from work today, I am putting my order in.


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