Sunday, August 3, 2008

Music Monday: Influential Worship CDs

Christianity Today wrote about modern worship music turning ten this year and then shared a list of what they believed to be the ten most influential worship CDs.

This kind of amazes me. I was a freshman at Bible college when modern worship got it's jumpstart. In ten years, my perspective and attitude about "worship music" has so completely changed. I looked at their list and I agree that those CDs were influential, some of them I listened to so many times they are like old friends. If I were to pick one, though, it would be hands down the Passion '99 Better is One Day CD. I bet you are still singing those songs in your churches! I think I listened to that CD 50,000 times.

I used to care about the music in a church, now it's the last thing I care about. I really am ADD...I've been discovering more and more that for me the most important part of church is connecting...and I find that increasingly difficult to do. My mind will often wander during the praise songs (I hope you aren't judging me) I'm just such a words person that if there is nothing of substance for my brain to pick out and apply than I can't focus. I've realized that I can sit there and get goose bumps during a song without even understanding the words so long as the music is pretty and rises and swells in all the right places.

I wonder if the modern worship music movement has really added to the growth of churches or if it's just been another thing that's happened. Something that was exciting and new, something for us to fight over like it mattered. Like God really cared if we were singing with an electric guitar or the organ.

You might think I'm being overly negative, but I'm not trying to be. I think not caring about the music is wonderfully positive and a sign of maturity in my life.

Your Thoughts? What's your favorite modern worship song?

Since this is Music Monday, here's one of my favorite modern worship songs. I think it's so absolutely beautiful. (and challenging) The video features some pictures of a mission trip making it very encouraging, I think!

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Sarah said...

I think one of my favorite modern songs is Wholly Yours by David Crowder. I mean, any song that can successfully use the word "antonym" in it is pretty awesome.

As for not caring about the music... I halfway agree with you. I think it's great to NOT MIND if the music isn't your personal favorite. I'm not so sure it's a good habit to allow your mind to wonder just because they lyrics are simplistic. Sometimes we need to worship with our minds. Other times we need to worship with our emotions. Sometimes, songs allow us to do both. Sometimes, we have to fight to worship God and give him a "sacrifice of praise" even if the songs don't lend it to us easily.

I do think that you can worship through finding beauty in the music, though. God created music and there's amazing intricacy in music theory that shows us the wonderful vastness and beauty of God. So, I think you're onto something there.

Amy said...

Thanks for the comment Sarah!

I feel more extended posts about my theology of worship coming on...

Sarah said...

very cool... I'll look forward to that!

Kat @ Inspired To Action said...

Who is this singing - is that matt redman?

Favorite worship song...? Honestly, there are a few that our worship leader at our church wrote that I think would be my favs...

I don't know the names of a lot of worship songs.

Elizabeth said...

This question is almost as impossible for me to answer as what is my favorite book - honestly? I have to pick just one? I've had the blessing of playing piano in two really, really good worship bands (nope, I'm not just saying that - they were good before I got there!), and we did songs from the 70s to today, but the one that seems to repeat in my head the most often is Better is One Day. I'm sure you know it, but here's a link just in case. =)

Anonymous said...

I would have to say my favorite modern worship song would have to be "Blessed Be Your Name." I love the lyrics and I want to be someone who is able to say, Blessed be your Name, no matter the circumstance.

Amy said...

Kat! Aargh, should have said! It's Tim Hughes! He's awesome!

Elizabeth..I love that song, too. You want to know something weird? Reading The Other Boleyn Girl and watching Showtime's The Tudors (of all things) helped me understand the idea that the court of a king was to be desired...

Jenn...I love and am challenged by that song, too.

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