Thursday, August 21, 2008

Book Spotlight: House of Wolves by Matt Bronweele

About the Book: A mysterious book with a dangerous secret.

An evil brotherhood out to conquer the world.

One man stands between them . . . with his family in the balance.

In the twelfth century, Henry the Lion collected the rarest relics in Christendom. And to protect his most precious acquisitions, he encoded the whereabouts in a gorgeous illuminated manuscript called The Gospels of Henry the Lion.

The manuscript has been showing up and disappearing ever since. No one knows where the relic has been hidden . . . or its ultimate power.

Only one man holds the key to the mystery.

He's carrying it in his briefcase at his son's school for show-and-tell, and he thinks it's a fake. But he's about to find out just how real it is.

Because the wolves are rapidly closing in. And if August Adams can't decode the secret in time, the world's balance of power will forever be altered.

My review will be coming because I'm dying to read this book!! In the meantime, check it out on Amazon.


Confuzzled Shannon said...

sounds interesting and it has a nice cover.

Tarasview said...

Oh I really loved this book! The only sad part was that I haven't read the first book yet!(I didn't know it existed!)

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