Saturday, July 5, 2008

Books Removed from 1,001 Books to Read Before You Die List

I was having a look at the books removed from this impossible to finish list in the first place...284 books got dumped! Three of them are on my list for the 1% well read challenge! How irritating. I'm still going to read them anyway, since, you know, I already bought them.

I also noticed a few LOST books that were on there got dumped.

And I was surprised by the removal of Pilgrim's Progress, A Christmas Carol, and The Brothers Karamazov (what?!?). Apparently obscurity is all the rage for a list like this.

I wonder if a new book challenge will be popping up to read these rejected ones? ;)


Anonymous said...

I just love that Google Doc. I'd heard about those, but haven't use it myself. Super cool!

wisteria said...

I have been using the list but hadn't heard about the bump of The Brother's Karamzov. Hmmmm. Not happy either.

John said...

If you are interested, you can get an interactive spreadsheet for the original 1001 books list from Arukiyomi's blog at

happy reading!

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