Saturday, July 5, 2008

Books Removed from 1,001 Books to Read Before You Die List

I was having a look at the books removed from this impossible to finish list in the first place...284 books got dumped! Three of them are on my list for the 1% well read challenge! How irritating. I'm still going to read them anyway, since, you know, I already bought them.

I also noticed a few LOST books that were on there got dumped.

And I was surprised by the removal of Pilgrim's Progress, A Christmas Carol, and The Brothers Karamazov (what?!?). Apparently obscurity is all the rage for a list like this.

I wonder if a new book challenge will be popping up to read these rejected ones? ;)


Anonymous said...

I just love that Google Doc. I'd heard about those, but haven't use it myself. Super cool!

wisteria said...

I have been using the list but hadn't heard about the bump of The Brother's Karamzov. Hmmmm. Not happy either.

Arukiyomi - the spreadsheet guy said...

If you are interested, you can get an interactive spreadsheet for the original 1001 books list from Arukiyomi's blog at

happy reading!

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