Monday, June 9, 2008

$32 a Month or Five Loaves and 2 Fish

I have always thought of the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand being a story about how God can provide. I have thought this to be the main point...God can provide abundantly all that we need, if we trust Him.

I attended a benefit concert this past weekend where I got a slightly new look at it. A very encouraging one I might add. God provided all that was needed out of the offering of two fish and five loaves of bread.

When I look at the world in need, it seems overwhelming. The Global Food Crisis, the natural disasters, the suffering environment. It is so easy to get discouraged and think that I can't help, that sponsoring just a few children is really not doing much, that the check I tossed in the basket Saturday night will barely buy a meal for the suffering in Myanmar.

The truth is that God can provide abundantly all that we need, if we trust Him.

But you know what? Jesus made that miracle but first someone had to offer up their own lunch. And from that sacrifice, little in comparison to the need that faced them (in fact, offering such a little bit of food must have seemed ridiculous), but huge to the one who gave it--all were fed.

So if perhaps, you are feeling discouraged today about sponsoring your child, that is doesn't feel like enough, remember that the whole family is blessed through sponsorship, and in turn, the whole community. :) Your gift faithfully given in love will in turn bless more than is possible through your own means, but by giving it to Jesus, He can make it go around.

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