Thursday, May 1, 2008

Grey's, LOST, and the Future of Addictive Television

Grey's Anatomy was ok tonight. Now that I know (spoiler alert) that Derek and Meredith will be getting together for good, I want it to happen already. I want a nice beautiful romantic reunion. I also think we are headed for a same gender relationship on this show, and that will be the big kiss. These are my theories. I did love what Ellen Pompeo had to say in this interview though. She's so honest!

Now onto the superior show...LOST. I rather like Daniel. Jack is still a complete mess that wants a woman to feel like she owes him something off the island. Kate is obviously still torn between two men. Where in the world were Sayid and Desmond tonight? (Ok fine I realize I can't see them every was so much better watching on DVD because if they weren't in an episode or two you didn't have to wait weeks to see them again!) Claire is obviously hallucinating something fierce and abandoned her baby. Jack seems to know the baby is related to him off the island and I better get some answers in the few episodes we have left!!!! I want to know what those who stay on the island are doing. What are they doing there? What cost did the Oceanic Six pay to get off? Why must they go back? Who is meant to raise Aaron? And who is in the bloody coffin??

OK, I had one more post planned for my addictive television series and I'm going to include it here. There are two shows that I am looking forward to coming on next year that have great promise. One is Dollhouse created by Joss Whedon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame. I'm especially excited about this because those who've read the pilot are buzzing. Televisionary Blog had this to say about it:

In the gifted hands of Joss Whedon, Dollhouse is a beautiful enigma wrapped in a riddle, a gripping conspiracy story for the ages filled with urban legends, memory tampering, and long-buried secrets coming to the fore. It's a Shakespearean story of hubris and likely vengeance, filled with sound and fury and signifying, well, lots.

Sounds fantastic!!!

The other show is called Fringe and comes from J.J. Abrams and a bunch of other people. This show has a few things going for it. J.J. Abrams. It's a supernatural drama which means loads of story to be explored. The pilot has a 10 million dollar budget. And another thing this show has going for it? Joshua Jackson has been cast. Yes, that's right.

So...those shows should be awesome come fall or spring or whenever they premiere and I'll probably talk about them again then because they will probably need ratings help.

Sooo...what did you think of LOST and Grey's tonight?


Jen said...

Yes, who IS in that coffin?????? My initial thought was Sawyer, but who knows.

I had read that Joshua Jackson was in the new JJ Abrams show and I will definitely be watching it! I love me some Pacey Witter!! I had heard that he was going to be written into Grey's, but I think with the strike and the casting of him in this new show it isn't going to happen. I would have liked to have seen that too!

Angie said...

I haven't watched Lost since it's been back on..I have both episodes on my dvr but havent watched them yet. I kind of got aggrevated with all the questions and no answers but reading your post I think I am going to catch up on Lost this weekend. :)

Amy said...

I don't want it to be Sawyer. Who can it be?

Angie, I think you'll enjoy these episodes of LOST...have fun catching up! :)

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