Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Call to Fast for Myanmar

The situation in Myanmar is really unsettling. Not only has the natural disaster taken its toll, but the military/government is not helping people get the aid they need. It's not enough to give money at this point (who knows where it will go?), we have to pray.

I read headlines like..."spoiled food delivered to survivors" and feel sick.

I spend a fair bit of time blogging each day...between writing my own posts and trying to respond to comments, and reading other blogs.

I'm proposing a day of fasting tomorrow. Not just from eating but from blogging as well. Taking the time I would to do those things and instead praying for the victims in Myanmar.

Obviously, I'm not fasting in secret, because I'm hoping against hope that some of you will join me. Let's take the time to pray for Myanmar. Let's ask the True Provider and Only One who can intervene to do just that. Feel free to let me know you joined me in comments (it will be encouraging, I think) or simply don't blog tomorrow, it's up to you. I hope you will join in.

I am still blogging Idol tonight and then I'll see you back here Thursday. (hopefully)

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