Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wow! (Keith Green)

Growing up, we listened to a lot of Keith Green in our house. A lot. Both sets of grandparents lived far away, and we only ever took road trips for our vacations and we listened to a lot of Keith Green on those trips. So I sort of associate this music with being a bit carsick.

But it influenced me greatly, and I still enjoy listening to it. I have to admit when I looked for my favorite song on youtube, listening to the words again, I realized...this is still what's inside of my heart, and it brought tears to my eyes. That's got to be the sign of great music/lyrics. It's probably been five years since I've heard it!

Anyway, I saw this video and really got a kick out of it! How crazy! And after you watch this 11 year old version of Keith Green, I've included a couple of other videos of songs of his that I love.

I know that a lot of you probably love Keith Green, too, so please share your stories in comments, your favorite songs, whatever you want! It will be fun!

My favorite Keith Green song:

This song....well I loved it as a kid. I used to always giggle at the hamburger and Coke bit. Listening to it again, I can't believe how relevant it is...and terribly convicting. Some of the images in this video might be offensive or shocking, but it's pretty good. Also, I love the way his voice capture so much emotion...this really is a great song for telling a story.

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Chaotic Hammer said...

I would say that nobody influenced me more during the first few years of my life as a Christian than Keith Green. I always loved the passion and complete abandon with which he followed Jesus, and how he encouraged others to do the same.

And like you, I find that I can still listen to his songs all these years later and feel the same about them as I did back then. Great stuff.

Julie Lessman said...

OMIGOSH, Amy, your blog today gives me wonderful chills because Keith Green was such a HUGE part of my and my husband's lives -- thank you for reminding me of that. Like chaotic hammer, I would agree that NOBODY influenced me more as a new Christian than Keith Green. What a heart for God!

Thanks for the memory.


Amy said...

I'm glad you guys share the same feelings. I became a Christian when I was little but when I really got it as a teenager it was this music still meant a lot to me.

ldperez said...

I agree with you all. His lyrics are incredible, convicting, and encouraging. I watched that video, though, thinking - am I doing enough? There is certainly NO lack of opportunity for helping people. How do I know if I'm doing enough to be a "sheep?" I sound like a new Christian and I know it is all grace alone by faith, but still . . . I mean, how do you listen to a song like that and think "well, at least I'm doing enough." Yikes.

Anonymous said...

wow! a wonderful trip down memory lane!! the video when he was 11 cracked me up! the Lord used him so mightly in his short life! another awesome believer to meet in eternity :)

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