Friday, April 25, 2008

Help Me Save Lives on World Malaria Day and get 25 dollars

You've probably heard of World Malaria Day, which is today.

Every thirty seconds someone dies of malaria.

For a mere ten dollars, you can provide a mosquito net that will help save lives.

I have another option for you.

When paypal first came about, they offered people who signed up ten dollars as a bonus and also ten dollars for referring someone. I was in college and had a friend who came up with the clever idea of using that money to support our summer missions.

Now there are other groups trying to compete with paypal and one of them is Revolution Money Exchange. If you sign up with their service, they'll give you 25 dollars for free. And if you go through the link I have posted here, they'll give me ten dollars.

And if you sign up and I get ten dollars, I'll give that ten dollars to Compassion International's Malaria Fund. So by taking a few minutes and signing up for this money exchange service, you can get 25 dollars of your own and help save a life.

Now this is money and financial stuff we're talking about, so please read the terms of service when you sign up. I read a lot in the blogosphere about it before I signed up and some people had some reservations about the privacy policy. I want you to feel ok about this. But most of the reviews I read were incredibly positive.

Feel free to send your friends over, we can earn up to 500 dollars in referral money! I hope you'll join in.

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

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