Sunday, April 13, 2008

So, um, wow

I came back from what was essentially 48 hours away from the computer to have 709 posts in my Google reader.


Tarasview said...

ouch! you didn't have anything else to do today did you?

euphrony said...

The moral of the story may be that there are too many blogs in your reader, no?

But be sure to check out my blog. I'm running a word-usage contest through Wednesday. The winner gets a $10 iTunes card.

Chaotic Hammer said...

And what's really amazing is that I think many blogs are sort of slow right now. My reader has not been nearly as active lately as it typically is.

While you probably have many of the same blogs in your reader as I do in my reader, you obviously must have a lot more in addition to those.

Not long ago, I actually went through and removed several blogs from mine. Not really based on content or quality (some I removed were great and very informative or helpful), but based on which ones I consistently enjoy reading and can manage to "keep up with", versus which ones just seem to pile up new posts without me ever managing to catch up. It was sort of difficult, like sorting through old stuff in the garage and having warm memories of much of it, but knowing that the clutter was too much and we just needed to part ways.

I hate to admit it, but I actually feel quite an attachment to many of the people themselves who are behind the blogs I regularly read. It's like a community of friends, though I am aware of the differences between on-line and real life interaction. Some people are critical of the idea of on-line people being considered part of one's community, but in many ways, I think people feel safer sharing deep things with their on-line friends than they can with real life friends.

And this may be hard to believe, but in real life, I'm a fairly quiet person and have very little to say in most social settings. On blog comments, I'm obviously quite the blabbermouth.

Amy said...

to be honest, some of these blogs are news blogs that will dump anywhere between 10-25 posts in my reader a day, so over two days that adds up quickly. I don't read all of those, I just skim the headlines for the interesting articles.

I have thought of pruning the reader, though. I also get attached to bloggers, and I think I would be sad if some decided to stop blogging.

I, for one, am horribly inarticulate in conversation so I like the writing outlet. Some friends and family read the blog and I hope at times I am able to say more clearly whatever I was trying to say in conversation! :)

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