Monday, April 14, 2008

Blogger Appreciation Day!

Pro-blogger made it a bit of an unofficial blogger appreciation day and in light of recent news, I thought I'd join in!

On the blog of course.

As I've sort of mentioned, I read loads of blogs. I read all sorts of blogs, from television blogs to book blogs to singer/songwriter's blogs to author blogs to political blogs to theology blogs to random people I found on other blogs I read.

It all started one place, the first blog I ever really read consistently. Shlog. I started a blog because of shlog way back when. So thanks Shaun, for still blogging, for challenging me about hard things and inspiring me to be better and making me scratch my head in wonder these many years later. I appreciate you. Four Compassion kids do, too.

And I learned a lot about blogging from Kat. Kat is taking the week off to write a book. Yes, I said a week. NaNoWriWe, I guess. Kat is funny and succinct and mostly what I appreciate about her blog is that she is not content to live an ordinary life. She wants to live it for God and others. I appreciate you loads, Kat.

And Brant Hansen may well be the most talented blogger I read, he's funny and has a very unique way of pointing things out but I do believe he wants what's best for God's people. He always manages to stir up controversy and make people think he's saying something he's not. Which lends itself to more entertainment.

And let's not forget the other bloggers I've been reading for awhile (though, ahem, not always updating) Euphrony, Chaotic Hammer, Kristin, Brody, Brian, Fancy Pants, Thomas,Stephen, andSeth, ....and if I'm forgetting someone it's not because I'm not reading, my mind is just very limited in the memory capacity. I love all of your blogs and look for your updates first.

There are also some bloggers I've discovered recently but look forward to reading eagerly Julie, Megan, Boomama, Vader's Mom, Katrina, Rabbit Room and more.

So, dear bloggers, thanks for putting your fingers to the keyboard and writing about the things you do, thanks for creating a little extension of yourself here in cyberspace so I can "know" you even when we've never really met. I appreciate it when you're funny, vulnerable, mindless, and sincere. Some of you make me jealous with your writing skill and some of you make me jealous with your tech skill. But I'm always happy when you've updated!


Stephen said...

Thanks Amy. I started blogging because of Shaun as well.

Chaotic Hammer said...

Thanks, Amy! It's fun to be part of the same community of on-line friends.

Ditto on the Shaun influence. I think maybe we should dub him The Blogfather.

"Welcome to The Family."

euphrony said...

At least the Blogfather of our little family - me included. Thanks for the props! (I would update more if I didn't have, you know, a family and work and a strong desire to sit around resembling a potato at times.)

Amy said...

The Blogfather...yup, I like it!

kddub said...

thanks amy! yeah you are right I don't update very regularly....

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