Monday, April 7, 2008

Oh, the Pain


~ jen ~ said...

Oh, Amy..... My debit card and I feel your pain. :_(

Here in StL regular unleaded runs about $3.20 lately, and I thought *that* was bad. **SIGH**

Cristy said...

I was bellyaching a couple weeks ago because gas in Indpls was $3.06 one day and $3.29 the next. Hopefully $3.73 isn't in my near future... *sigh*

Kimberly said...

OH MY! On my way to work this am, we were still around 3.35. I hope it isn't THAT high!

Becky said...

Holy cow! Where do you live?!

Amy said...

Thanks for the commiseration guys!

I live in Southern California!

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