Monday, April 7, 2008

Music Monday: Great Soundtracks

I've chosen two soundtracks to highlight today. I've seen both of these movies in the past six months which just goes to show how well I remember things. I know there are other soundtracks that I like, but these are fresh on my mind.

The first is from the movie Once. I didn't fall in love with this film, but I most certainly fell in love with its soundtrack. This is the song that won best original song at the Oscars, "Falling Slowly"

The second is from the movie Atonement and this selection is called "Elegy for Dunkirk" I know I've talked about this score before on the blog, I just love it, and it's seen heavy rotation in my CD player. It's so rich, beautiful, and haunting. It's rare that I'm watching a movie and think, "I have to get this soundtrack."

I don't know if these are the greatest soundtracks, but they are the ones I've listened to the most in the past several months.

What are your favorite soundtracks?

You can share here of course or at The Secret Life of Kat's Music Monday.


The Secret Life of Kat said...

The Once website was giving away one of the songs from the soundtrack. I don't have time right now to see if they still are, but it's worth a Google...

I haven't seen the movie, but I love the music...

Chad Wright said...

I'm with you on the Once soundtrack. Absolutely amazing. I bought the soundtrack before seeing the movie, but I think the movie made it a better soundtrack.

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