Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Blogging Idol Top 6: Andew Lloyd Weber!!

Idol top 6...how is this possible already? Has anyone else noticed all our shows are back on this week (back until the actors strike)....Thursday..LOST wa-hoo!!!!!!!!
Back to Idol...

Happy Earth Day everyone. I wanted to do something Earth Day on the blog, but a bunch of stuff has suddenly cropped up in real life that has forced me (much to my tremendous dismay) to neglect the blog. But I could never leave you alone on Idol night. Oh no. I have my priorities straight....Idol and then the continued existence of mankind on Earth.

Anyway, Idol wants us to know they care about the Earth, too. Fox has a nice little green logo and the finale will be green. Yay!

Lotsa band tonight...I love "Music of the Night" when sung beautifully, it gives me goosebumps.

I do love the music of Andrew Lloyd Weber. Oh yay! The Idols got to go to Vegas to see ALW. I bet it's hot there. Those are my strongest feelings about Vegas. (it's hot because it's sin city....JK!!!!) He says some nice stuff about getting things to work for them and being story driven. You know I love that stuff.

Paula states something well for once and Simon doesn't get it. Oh well.

Syesha: I think this is a good choice for Syesha. Love her hair! Very fun performance for Syesha! She shows some spunk and personality and doesn't try to reach any vocal heights out of her reach. Good job! Plus I love her hair like that. Oh wait, already said that. The judges agree with me. Of course they do!

Jason Castro tackles "Memory". Um? I normally think of this as a power voice song. He's cracking me up about not knowing a cat was singing it. Love me some TS Eliot. Uh-oh. This doesn't sound good to me. You know, there were some pretty parts to that song, but I just love a soaring vocal on this song and that wasn't it. Paula tries to put a nice spin on it...but let's get real. Ryan calls Simon our resident glamour puss. LOVE IT!

Brooke White: I love this song! (I adore the musical Evita) ALW says....you have no idea what you're doing. But he straightens her out. Oh my goodness! She does a restart!! Yikes! Goosebumps! Not so much from the singing as the gorgeousness and sadness of this song. Not bad but the rough beginning might hurt her. :( Simon contradicts Paula over the start/stop issue.

David Archuleta: Bunch of girls give him some love. I bet Brooke needs those hugs. He's singing "Think of Me" ALW says...open those eyes! I love every song in Phantom. (like Evita) Like a baby that doesn't want to go to sleep, he's fighting to keep those eyes open. Good for him...don't give in David--keep them open!!!! Interesting take on this song...kind of cool, but I guess I just love the good old fashioned version. It's like one of those updated Christmas songs or something. Nice ending! Actually that was pretty cool. Well done, David A!

Carly Smithson: She tried to sing the famous love song from Phantom, but ALW wisely directed towards "Jesus Christ Superstar". Carly has personality! I'm so relieved she sang this instead of "All I Ask of You" Ok, the performance is starting to wear on me a little. (it might be the song) Methinks we won't be getting rid of Carly this week.

David Cook: David Cook is singing the most sexy song ALW has ever written. How appropriate. :) (I've enjoyed ALW as a mentor..he's been funny and truly helpful) This is a different side to David. I like it. Not Michael Crawford by any stretch of the imagination, but really good nonetheless. Will be buying it for sure.

I really enjoyed tonight! Who knew? In danger? Jason and Brooke?


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Anna Taylor said...

I LOVE David A!!! He is my favorite person since the beginning ! I think Brook is going home!:(

Sally said...

This is the second restart for Brooke. I was glad when Paula said DON'T do it! David Cook by far the best. Didn't really like Carly - I like the musical, just not that song especially after Shout to the Lord. Was SO glad ALW told David A. to KEEP THE EYES OPEN. He struggled to though. Be interesting to see who goes home. So many have fans whether they perform well or not...Syesha and David Cook were the best.

Jen said...

Yes, you gotta keep those priorities straight. I loved your recap--very funny. Now, what's this about an actor's strike? Ok, this is getting out of hand now. Can't wait for Lost and Grey's Anatomy--woohoo!!

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