Wednesday, March 19, 2008

So Now We Know

So now we know the Idol contestant that is going to stick around longer than they should and annoy me all season.

America lost a fun member for the tour in Amanda...huge bummer.


Megan said...

Yeah I didn't think Amanda was going to win so I wasn't that sad to see her go. But I would rather have her in the tour than someone else who shall remain nameless but has not sounded good the past 3+ weeks!!!!

Chaotic Hammer said...

I know I'm in a small minority in thinking that Kristy isn't all that bad. She's had some terrible song arrangements and is a single-genre vocalist, but I think she could actually do OK in country music.

Having said that, yes, she is out of her league this season, and surely won't last much longer.

I kinda dig Amanda, especially the whole rocker-chick cool-hair wild-clothes biker thing she's got going on, but vocally she really didn't show any versatility. I don't think the kids of today get the whole Janis Joplin/Grace Slick vibe. It's a real throwback.

I hate to say it, but at this point I'm more annoyed by Ramiele than anyone else. While she has potential, thus far she's been mostly pretty karaoke. And worse yet, she's way too weepy and clingy over the idea that People Will Go Home Each Week.

Amy said...

CH, It's true that Amanda didn't show any versatility. But I think she was a lot of fun and for the purposes of the tour would have been a better choice.

I liked Kristy ok but last couple of weeks I just haven't.

You are probably right about Ramiele. I just keep hoping she'll have a breakout performance.

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