Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Live Blogging Idol Top 12

Okay, I've never tried my hand at a proper recap (gotta work on my writing skills!), and even though it appears that a small minority of my readers actually enjoy Idol (trying not to be a people pleaser!) and since Boomama is doing it...(never said anything about not conforming) Well, here we go!

New look! Did anyone see Taylor in that new opening sequence? Nope, me neither. Oh well.

New stage is...pretty nice. Looks like something kinda sci-fi. Hmm. Wonder if they'll send me more invites? I want to see that stage in person!!!

Oh yay, a love fest for Paul McCartney and John Lennon! Have I ever mentioned I'm not much of a Beatles fan?

Syesha: Um, big surprise, don't know this song. I do think Syesha is really cute though. It makes sense that she's an actor. Her voice sounds ok, but I haven't been persuaded that she's awesome yet. Could be her choice in song. Okay, her over the top reaction to Simon? Slightly nauseating. (not because of her, because of him.)

I can't help it, I like him. He appeals to me. I sort of dig this song. Hmm..maybe I'll go by it on iTunes. Another over the top reaction to Simon. Wait a second why does Simon like to talk about the contestants being drunk?

Ramiele: She's adorable! I know this song! Oh, the audience is waving and swaying....you know why? Because they'll get yelled at if they don't!!! Hmm, just had a small snack and checked my email...so needless to say, I agree with Randy. Simon points out that Paula's verbs didn't agree..oh well. Ryan gives Simon a chance to further twist the knife in Rami's heart! No more clarifying the judgements Ryan!

Jason: Jason likes to play his guitar. (do you guys think the instruments add much?) I like Jason, but I don't think that performance was anything spectacular, but it wasn't horrible, either. Lol at Simon, but I sort of agree.

More annoying banter between Ryan and Simon.

Carly: Looks cute, tonight! Blue must be a good color for her. This is good, but I'm not much of a Carly fan. This is probably my favorite performance of hers yet. Wow, the audience LOVES her. Carly lacks the girl-next-door appeal of Kelly Clarkson, but she clearly has a good voice for American Idol.

David C.: I've liked David since his audition, this should be interesting. (by the way, I think doing a decent job on a song people love has more impact than doing an awesome job on a mediocre song...what do you think?) Nice little scream there at the end to top things off. I liked it! Very fun performance. I like David.

Brooke: I like Brooke. I think she's someone I would be more likely to listen to outside of the Idol world. However, in the long run, that could be why she doesn't win the show? I love her at the piano. A little Nichole Nordemanish. Nice performance.

A quick note about the commercial...that Moment of Truth show looks awful! Whoa, no more Kodak Theatre?? Wait, I've been to the Nokia Theater...not as cool.

David H.: This song I do like. His performance...somewhat underwhelming. I think I'm running out of steam on this blogging thing. I don't have much to say. He is a cutie, though.

I'm realizing this thing must be two hours long...aaargh! I'm adding blogs to my reader as we sit here!

Oh wow, Katharine McPhee is performing tomorrow?

Amanda: Amanda is funny in her little video clip. :) Her performance is fine, and I imagine that it was super fun live. :)

Michael: Michael is nice looking. His Aussie accent is very subdued. Well, he's been here for 10 years. I'm beginning to realize that I like more Beatles songs that I realized. Sadly, they all remind me of commercials. This is a pretty good performance, but again nothing tremendously outstanding. Simon forgets Carly's name. Nice.

Kristy: First of all, has Kristy gotten her horse back? I like Kristy because she's not a super glam girl. You know what I mean? She's really down to earth. Ugh, I don't like this version of the song. I'm not much of a fan of the country music, though. Simon hurls an insult at her.

David A.: I really like David. I know he's received a lot of pimping and he's a child star type, but that doesn't keep me from liking him. Oh poor darling, I think he just flubbed the lyrics. He did it AGAIN! He, quite simply, has a nice voice. I think he was very stressed. Poor kid.

Well, I'm off to vote for Chikezie. Going second means everyone already forgot him. I don't know if I'll do this live blogging thing again, but maybe! Share your thoughts with me please!


Megan said...

The live blog was fun to read, even if I didn't read it live. It would be cool if you got to go to the "big stage."

I love Brooke, but I really didn't think she sounded that good. Am I going insane? You could just see her sort of nervous and I don't know maybe tentative.

I was also underwhelmed by Jason who I love love love. Maybe my expectations are getting too high.

I loved David C.'s arrangement. I would buy that song if he re-recorded it. His pitch is a little off, but really I didn't mind. I would just mind if I had it in my CD play on repeat for a couple of hours which is what I see myself doing with a cleaned up version of that song.

Sorry to ramble.

Chaotic Hammer said...

Well, we DVR the show, and then watch it a day or two later when we have time. This has a couple of benefits: By cutting out all the commercials and meaningless chit-chat, it only takes about half as long to watch. And we don't have to wait a whole day to find out the results. We watch them perform, then watch the results.

So, I have no way of knowing whether I agree or disagree with your assessments. But I enjoyed reading them anyway. :-)

Melzie said...

Keep blogging I love reading the AI synopses! I dont do it live I do it after I vote :) xoxo melzie

Robin said...

Hi- I'm here via Bigmama. I like how you write your observations as you watch - it gives it a "live" feel. I think Kristie is going home tonight - she just isn't cut out for the big time scene. She is talented but not enough.
My favorites are Jason C and Brooke.

Amy said...

That makes sense about Brooke. I liked the performance, but I wasn't as over the top about it as the judges.
The itunes songs this year are the lives songs aren't they? Last year the studio versions were really cool. I wish they did that again.

CH: hope I didn't ruin it for you! Thanks for reading. :)

Melzie and Robin, thanks for coming by! I'm off to check out your posts!

Milk in the Closet said...

Hey Amy,
I loved reading your live commentary. Too funny!

I liked Chikezie(sp?), as well. So different from his norm!

And I think Brooke is so darn likeable that it makes you want her voice to be better than it is. Does that make sense?

I think Michael is nice, too, but he needs to let go. Seems a bit apprehensive to me.

And poor David. He seemed very young and inexperienced this time. I still like him, though. Perhaps his lack of interest in this era hurt him.

And I agree. No Kodak theater??? I wonder what happened with that!

Sally said...

AMY, I can't believe you are my daughter and not a fan of McCartney and Lennon! I pretty much agree with what you said about the contestants, but really thought David A. bombed big time. Was it twice or thrice that he forgot the lyrics? Will be interesting to see what happens tonight. My bet is on Kristy leaving.

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