Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Few Idol Thoughts

Well, I think it's sad that David is going, but someone is bound to stick around every season that I wish was gone.

Did I hear correctly that they're doing another Beatles week? I think that's a big mistake. They really need to get the Idols to sing some current songs, the show has been entrenched in the music of the past which may have been a huge disservice to some who are already gone. I'm calling it now friends....BIG MISTAKE!!! :)

How is it possible that it might not be until the top ten that we get to hear music from the past two decades?????

What do you all think?


Megan said...

I guess I wasn't paying enough attention because I didn't hear that next week is oldies again. But I too am SICK of it. I don't dislike the music but I would like a little more VARIETY.

Alexis Jacobs said...

Ugh I am so not looking forward to next week. I think it is a big mistake that they are doing week two. BIG mistake.

Sally said...

They did say next week would be another Lennon/McCartney. I love that music, but agree two weeks is TOO much. Poor David Archeletta and Amanda - they have never heard any of their songs. But on the other hand, maybe Chikesie will rock again. Was shocked David left. Should have been Kristy.

Chaotic Hammer said...

I'm going to go against the flow here a little and say that I'm not shocked or upset that David H. was eliminated. At least seven or eight of the performances this week were outstanding. Like, fully ready for prime time, professional quality. My wife and I were impressed how one after another stepped up.

So contestants like David H., Ramiel, and Kristy, who make poor song choices or have mediocre performances, are going to be on the bubble week after week.

I see about three or four more contestants who are beginning to be "exposed" as being out of their league, and hopefully they will be eliminated over the next few weeks. After that... yeah, every week a very talented person will be going home.

Regarding the Lennon/McCartney repeat -- I don't recall them ever repeating a theme before. It seems odd. But look at what folks like David C. and Chikezie did with modern, enjoyable arrangements of these older songs. That's what the contestants should be doing with this theme.

Amy said...

I think they must have had to pay the big bucks to use the songs and so they decided to milk it for all it's worth.

Here's hoping it's fresh and entertaining!

Milk in the Closet said...

I agree with you, big mistake to do the same theme. Let's move on!

And I also agree with Hammer - I wasn't sad to see David H. go. Way too cheesy for me. Good voice, but seemed like he could be singing at an amusement park show.

Another thought...I find it entertaining that the judges sometimes challenge the kids to take risks, make the songs their own, etc., but then when they do and it flops, they say things like, "You know, dawg, on a song like this, sometimes it's just best to maintain the original melody. You know what I mean, dawg? But nice lookin' out."

If the risk works out, good for you, you risk taker! If it doesn't work, should have stuck with the original. Make up your minds.

Chaotic Hammer said...

Amy: I think they must have had to pay the big bucks to use the songs and so they decided to milk it for all it's worth.

You know, now that you mention it, doesn't Michael Jackson own the rights to most of the Lennon/McCartney collection? Seriously. He and McCartney had a big falling out several years back after Jackson outbid him on the ownership rights, I believe.

Not sure if MJ still owns the rights, but wouldn't it be strange if he were the one getting rich off this?

Amy said...

I think I did hear something about that. And I think I heard last year about this time about MJ going broke. I wonder if it's all connected? :)

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