Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Blogging As I Watch Idol: Top 11

(sorry I'm late getting this posted, my internet was down last night)

Back by popular demand (ha) blogging as I watch Idol!

This show is another ridiculous two hours long!

So far they are just killing time. I think a 90 minute program would have been enough.

They are educating us on the Beatles! Because we've never heard of them or all the Beatle mania.

Do any of you watch Dancing with the Stars? I've never really watched it but caught a few minutes last night (I heard Kristi Yamaguchi was going to be on it but last night was only the men) It seems really cheesy to me. (I say this while blogging during Idol)

Amanda: Amanda enjoyed the big stage! She's singing a song I don't know. I can't say I feel like I've missed much by not knowing this song...wait what is this song about?? Typical Amanda fare. Actually a little less rocking than we're used to. Crowd seems to be pleased. Some helpful feedback from the judges! Timing, etc. Oh, Paula loves her. I like her feedback to Ryan...she's saying...hey, this is who I am.

I'm really into the show. I'm filing my nails as we sit here.

Commercials are the bane of my existence. Did I mention my internet is not connecting? I can't check email and am only hoping I'll be able to post this at some point.

Kristy: Ok, I don't really like her singing this song. YIKES!! Pitchy! Poor girl. I think this might be her week to go. I really didn't enjoy that at all. Randy and Paula make some lame compliments about how she looks and that they like the song. Simon manages to tear the girl apart. But hey he can sleep at night now that he's someone's guardian angel. Ok some awkward moments here.

David A.: Lots of girly screaming. Here's hoping for David. OOOH!! They just showed David's infamous father! He seemed pleased. That's good for all involved. Some lovely comments from Paula. Yay, nice words from Simon. I liked it, too. Oh come on people he's SO adorable!

I'm shocked that they let someone have their iphone in fact, I had to surrender my that must be a plant for that pathetic little bit of advertising.

Michael: Loves the Beatles. This is a decent performance. Not bad. Apparently, no one else agreed. I'm glad Paula mentioned the monitors. That's totally new. They never used to be able to use those. Lol, Michael is not wearing a monitor. Michael plays the sympathy card. Thank God there's no shot of Simon rolling his eyes. (remember last year--the whole Virginia Tech thing?)

Brooke: Got to see her family, lucky girl. Ok, not my favorite perfomance. But it's ok. Simon falls all over himself insulting her. This whole thing illustrates perfectly why it's a silly idea to do the same theme twice.

David C.: Last week was his high point. This week going well so far! Like the rockiness! I'm a fan! What will the judges say? Paula says something ridiculous. Simon says, come back to earth, you ain't all you think you are.

They are really pushing Kellie Pickler being here tomorrow. Oh the joy.

Carly: I like when Sarah McLachlan sings this song! Very nice. I still prefer Sarah, but I'll take it. Paula really does say some strange things. Simon pulls out his indulgent remark. Carly tries to explain why she sang the song. Not sure it helps her. Oh now I'm lauging....all Idols are broken birds...ha.

Jason: Making me laugh about the languages. Hopefully, he sees that saying Michelle my beautiful is nicer than Michelle my bell. Not bad French. Just ok, here. Not too exciting. So far this second Beatles week...not that great. Paula is actually giving like negative comments this year. AMEN Simon! That's EXACTLY what I thought about a second Beatles week.
Randy says something terribly lame about how it's not the songs...Amy says...give them some current songs to sing PLEASE!

Syesha: The bit about being in the bottom three, like she was shocked...not so appealing. But I do so love this song. Let's see how it goes for her. Her voice sounds very pretty during this song. And the judges say: good job!

Chikezie: ok, the mood of this song just totally changed. Not quite as exciting as last week, but not bad. you know I love the harmonica. Randy sez, he can't decide. Paula sez, you're showing your versatility. (in a lot more words) Simon doesn't like the harmonica. I still love Chikezie.

Oh goody! The songwriting contest is back!

Ramiele: Loves her Idol family. That's cool. This is ok, but I don't know if it really makes her stand out. I just think she needs to pick a song that people love and let loose on it.

My final analysis? The second night of Beatles was a failure as I predicted! Better luck next week darlings! I think Kristy should go.


Megan said...

Oh I am so bummed about you not having internet. I kept checking and checking to see if you were going to do this again and went to bed broken hearted.

I agree with you that the performances really showed how doing the same theme twice let all the performers down except David A. But he could have gain redemption either way.

I watched parts of both nights of Dancing with the Stars. I am a channel flipper, I flip for the commercials, I flip when Paula is speaking, I flip is Simon and Ryan are having a lover's spat. Anyway, I enjoy it if I enjoy the star otherwise I don't care (back to Dancing...if you didn't notice.) Kristi was very good and got high scores but in the tape they did they showed her tripping all over the place and struggling.

Back to AI:
I liked Amanda's performance. They said it was a perfect song for her and I didn't agree with that.

I think (hope) Kristy is going home.

Yesterday is a song that is hard to go wrong with and I thought it was funny that Simon said that was the song Brooke should have done cause it seemed like to sort of an insult to Syesha.

Still love Brooke and Jason and expect them to be excellent next week. David C. is skating on thin ice. He seems like a nice guy, but I sort of agreed with Simon that he wasn't as good as he thought he was. (No one hurt me.)

Megan said...

Errr, sorry, my comment was almost as long as your post.

Cobblestones said...

Yep, I agree with just about everything you've said. I canNOT believe Carly is in the bottom 3!! What's that about?!

Amy said...

I was bummed, too! :)
That's ok that you don't like David C as much. What is next week's theme?

Bummer bout Kristi. I've always liked her. She might have been able to make me watch that show! :)

I love your long comments, so no worries why is Kristy still here???????

Chaotic Hammer said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: The DVR will change the way you watch television. Imagine fast-forwarding through the idle chit-chat (hey, a pun!), shameless product plugs, and 10-minute long commercials. We also don't care for the cheesy medley of songs they do with everyone singing.

I've figured out that I will come back and read your summary after I've watched the show, so that I don't watch with preconceived notions.

I think I pretty much agree with your observations. I'm still waiting for Michael to do something that impresses me -- it almost seems like peaking with "Bohemian Rhapsody" in Hollywood week has hurt him in the long run. I liked David C. and Carly better than the judges seemed to.

I asked my wife last night how long she thinks Jason's "charm" will last and carry him. I think he's out of his league vocally, but understand that other factors come into play. She likened him to having sort of the "David Cassidy" factor with the girls.

I still think Chikezie is great, but didn't get that arrangement at all. Weird.

Ramiele surprises me by NOT being in the bottom three. She's really cute, and does have a strong voice, but has been utterly lacking in song choice, vocal arrangement, and making it even the slightest bit interesting.

Syesha has a great voice but in the long run lacks anything to make her stand out in the crowd.

Kristy won't last much longer. She's benefiting from being perceived as "on the bubble", which draws more people to vote to keep her in. It's the opposite side of the same effect that makes "obvious" choices like Carly end up in the bottom three. Everyone just assumes Carly will get plenty of votes, so they don't bother to vote for her.

Ha. Beat Megan for longest comment.

Amy said...

I agree about Jason. I like him, but I definitely think his charm is keeping him in. I can't help but wonder if Carly talking about trying so hard to break into the industry the other night hurt her. It did make her sound awfully defeated.

Megan said...

For some reason I forgot about this comment thread, but I am back now since you have not posted your idol for tonight and I am missing it already!

You said:"That's ok that you don't like David C as much." I LOVE David C I was just unimpressed last week. But don't worry, he made up for it THIS WEEK!!!!! WOOT. Okay, I usually don't listen to what Paula says, but she said something I TOTALLY agree with, he TAKES THE MOST RISK and he is the most creative. I love love love love love that. Can't wait to see what you think.

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