Monday, February 4, 2008

Why I Can't Be a Football Fanatic

Yesterday, while watching the Super Bowl, I was totally reminded why I don't watch sports.

It's just way too stressful.

So, I was rooting for the Giants. The Patriots, after all, have won quite a few Super Bowls in recent times. Have I mentioned I'm from St. Louis? I was rooting for the Giants.

But, it's not like it really matters. I don't really follow the NFL. My life wasn't going to change if the Patriots won again. It's not like I'm rushing out to buy my New York Giants gear today.

But that game intense! I was seriously stressed out and felt like my life was going to end or something if the Giants didn't pull off that last touchdown! Right. See, if I followed sports on a regular basis, I would have ulcers and probably have had a heart attack by now.

I still love my (St. Louis) Cardinals, though.


Anonymous said...

Go Giants! I was so happy for them.

Milk in the Closet said...

Have I mentioned that I grew up in St. Louis??? How crazy is that? I lived in Kirkwood until I left for college. My parents moved and are now located at Lake of the Ozarks, so I don't get to go back to the city. Sad.

Where in St. Louis are you from? Do you still get to go back? I love the Cardinals, too!

Amy said...

Awesome! St. Louis seems better to me everyday, lol, now that I don't live there.

No one in my family lives there anymore, but I went last year to visit all of my wonderful friends who still live there in classic St. Louis style. I'm hoping for another visit this year.

I grew up in Crestwood. Yay Cardinals!!!

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