Tuesday, February 5, 2008

They're Called Tapes, You Know

I was a little surprised by how many of you still use tapes and VHS! Naturally, I use tape recorders EVERY SINGLE DAY of my job, and actually have to teach my adult students how to use them. But I don't think it's because they are out of date, I've also taught my students how to use their cell phones. Ahem.

I would be interested in knowing if it's cassette tapes or VHS you still use and what you use them for. I really don't use either now that I have a car with a CD player (ok, that just happened in October, but still) and only a DVD player. However, I have The Glass Menagerie starring John Malkovich (it's a STUNNING adaptation and I HATE the fact that it's not available on DVD) on VHS along with a few "home movies" that I would eventually like to convert to DVD. Has anyone been through this process? Are there any movies that you have on VHS you wish were available on DVD? Have you jumped on the Blu-ray bandwagon yet?


ldperez said...

We only have a tape player in our van and unfortunately only kids tapes to listen to in there. And lots of our VeggieTales videos are on VHS and we are too cheap to rebuy any of that stuff on DVD - so, that's where we use tapes and VHS.

Amy said...

That makes sense. Especially since the technology is always changing. Speaking of the van...is this the same van that blew up?

euphrony said...

We still have a lot of old movies on VHS, and many of the Disney classics have not been released on DVD yet. So we still use VHS fairly often. Plus, some old home movies.

We have a couple of cassette tapes that have been used recently, but not within the last six months.

Cristy said...

All of our Disney movies are on VHS and I have a few cassette tapes from my younger days that I wouldn't purchase again, but like to pop in my old Sony Walkman every now and then. Yes, my kids make fun of me and ask me why I won't get myself an Ipod.

The only VCR we still have is on an old 19" TV that is in our bedroom and we use the VCR when my niece is over and wants to watch a Disney movie. My kids are teenagers, so I wouldn't purchase these on DVD.

~ jen ~ said...

VHS for all of my 6 Pokemon episodes (from way back in THAT phase), and the few Doctor Who (original series) episodes that I have....okay, 20 of them. Pokemon, I would never re-buy on DVD. And as for the Doctor Who: I'm too broke to think about it.

Cassette tapes still exist in my possession, mostly cos I hate to pitch anything that still works: Red House Painters, Counting Crows, and some mix tapes I hold on to for sentimental reasons.

Amy said...

Jen--have you watched any of the new Dr. Who? It's supposed to be wonderful. :)

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