Saturday, February 23, 2008


First of all, apologies for spelling traveled with two ls. It was late at night when I posted that poll, and it's a word I commonly misspell. But apparently, were I British, maybe it would have been ok.
Secondly, sorry for asking if you'd traveled outside of the United States instead of outside of your home country. I know not everyone who comes by here is American.

So, now....tell me where you've traveled! What was your favorite place? Your craziest story? Tomorrow, I'll share one of my sort of crazy travel stories with you. Until then...please entertain me with yours!


Anonymous said...

We mostly travel to Disney World. And we don't usually any hiccups on our travel dates. (Knock on wood.)

I've only left the country once and that was to go visit Jeff in training in Montreal. I hated it there and hope I never have to return.

But, my favorite travel experience was a road trip we took last year from Texas to Las Vegas and back. We made some fun stops along the way and had a blast!! I'd do that whole trip again, but spend less time in Vegas the second time around :)

Sally said...

LOVELY new look to your blog.

Lisa said...

You mean like the time I forgot a friend at the Mongolian airport.....

Amy said...

Vader's Mom..why did you hate Montreal? I have always wanted to go there. The road trip sounds FUN! trumped me! that was my post. :)

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