Thursday, February 21, 2008

These Shoes I Love

So the truth is, there is one area in which I'm not very girly.

I don't have a fascination with shoes. I never got why Carrie Bradshaw would max out her credit card on a pair of shoes. I don't understand the jokes they make on House Hunters about how all of the woman's shoes "might fit in one closet." I sort of hate shoe shopping, because I have wide feet and the shoes I like never look very good or even worse, don't fit. I just like my comfy sneakers, thank you very much.

But I have to confess....

I love these shoes. First of all, they're adorable. Secondly, they are like the most comfortable things ever.

See? Aren't they darling?


Daisy said...

Those are shoes that i love too! LOL if i wired you some cash, can ya get me a pair! (lmao). and thanks about the FYI in regards to the book :) i was getting kinda curious - but you know life gets hetic! have a blessed weekend!

Krista said...

Those are cute shoes! I only wish I could wear ballet style shoes (since they're everywhere), but I have a big nasty scar right where they usually have ribbing across the top of your foot so that's out. :(
I hear you on the wide feet issue too. I have shoes from high school still (yikes!) that I'm loath to part with because I know I'll never be able to replace them.

Amy said...

Thanks for liking my shoes! still haven't received it? I sent it the same day I sent the package to Costa Rica and they got theirs...I always though Canada was a bit faster. :)

Krista..that's a bummer. Poor us with wide feet...good shoes for wide feet needs to become a new style!

Cristy said...

They are cute, Amy. I feel the same way about shoes! I have two work pairs...the brown ones and the black ones, one pair of tennis shoes and a pair of crocs I bought when we went to Florida last year. Oh yeah, and my slippers and a couple pairs of flip flops. When I HAVE to buy a new pair, I dread it!!

Amy said...

I hear you's to comfortable no nonsense shoes!

Unknown said...

In theory; yes, however there are a LOT of delays at the border lately. So it should arrive sometime this week :) It's usually the end bit of the ten day now, rather than the first part of the tend days and such.

I, am the same. I've got one pair of sneakers, 1 pair of boots, 1 pair of church shoes, and need 1 pair for work. Carrie Bradshaw; I'm not.

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