Thursday, January 24, 2008

When is the Next Full Moon?

I got a fortune in my fortune cookie tonight that said "Next Full Moon Brings an Enchanted Evening"

I want to be ready you know. I need to make sure I'm dressed appropriately.

What's the best fortune you've ever got in a fortune cookie?

(please note I am not saying this is my best fortune!)


euphrony said...

I've not gotten a "fortune" in a fortune cookie in years. They're all axioms and proverbs, now.

Syma said...

I have 3

After my first doctor's appointment when pregnant with my daughter, My dad's read "A Happy event is coming to your household"

A week after meeting my current squeeze - A new relationship will blossom, you will be blessed

On a day when I was struggling with faith - God cares for you especially.

The (Mis)Adventures of a Single City Chick said...

Hi, Amy, thanks for visiting my blog and entering the book giveaway contest! As for fortune cookies, I wound not call it my best fortune, but it was definitely the most absurd fortune I've received on a couple of occasions. It read, "You love Chinese food." Um, ya think? Sheesh! ;-)


Amy said...

Euphrony...I know, huh? But lately I've had two good ones.

Syma...those are awesome! How very cool!

Christina...that's hilarious. Thanks for stopping by!

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