Friday, January 25, 2008

What Kind of Blogs Do You Read the Most? pt.2

When I set this poll up, blogger wouldn't let me add all the choices I wanted. So I figured other could capture what didn't fit in and everyone could tell me in comments.

That's at least 12 of you.

What kind of blogs do you read the most and why?


Cristy said...

I'll admit that I voted twice. When I first read the poll at home, I voted mom blogs, because I read a few. But when I looked again at work the next day, I voted other (and it let me because I was on a different computer) because most of the blogs I read are NOT mom blogs. I would have to say they're thought provoking/music/christian/on-line friend kind of blogs. Not sure what you'd call them, but they didn't seem to fit into the other categories.

Amy said...

I know what you mean, Cristy! I read a mish-mash of blogs, too.

Sally said...

People blogs - I want to keep up with those I know.

Tressa said...

I love looking through the blogs of people I know, its a way to keep in touch.
I also like to read other momma's blogs, its good to know Im not the only one having "fun" at home with kids!
Lastly, I like to blog hop. I will go to Kat's blogroll...then hop to your blog...ect
By the way, I like your blog, always fun to read!

Amy said...

Tressa thanks for commenting and the kinds words.

I totally do that blogroll hop thing...what a great way to watch the time fly by!

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