Thursday, January 10, 2008

Uruguay, I Apologize.

One of my favorite past times is to gaze at the map longingly. Seriously. I have a huge map right by my desk and I spend several minutes of everyday looking at it. I love to travel and experience new things. But I have a terrible sense of direction and ever really knowing where I am. Therefore, I think by looking at the map, I'm getting a better overall perspective of the world.

Apparently, this little hobby of mine hasn't completely paid off. I took this here little geography quiz (and it's super fun, you should all take it!) and only made it to the medium level. I had a few lapses in memory like totally forgetting where Uruguay is. (Well, I put it in South America, just not the right part!)

Check it out for yourself, and share your scores!

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~ jen ~ said...

This was fun, and then it was disappointing. I scored 21668, and couldn't get past the Medium level. And honestly, I can't remember the last time I looked at a map (EEEK!) that wasn't a local road map....

I was in a Geography Bee in 8th grade (Mrs. Moser's class, remember her?) And I placed 3rd. Maybe THAT was the last time I looked at a map? ;-)

~ jen ~ said...

Sorry, my FINAL score was 141183. That measly 21668 was my score in the MEDIUM level. Man, I almost made myself look waaaay not to smart!

euphrony said...

Fun, but they kept asking island locations. On the global map, at this resolution, the islands are invisible and easy to miss by a long shot.

I think its funny that you get points for fast response, even if you were to put Moscow in Argentina.

(Also washed at the medium level, 165,362 points total. The first time.)

Amy said...

Uh, I didn't actually record my score. I saw a bunch of numbers. The second time I played I did a little better and made it to the hard levels.

Euphrony, I agree. The islands were hard. Also, it's funny how you can get the wrong country in Europe and get a better score than if you put the city in the wrong place in China.

Quite honestly I stink at African geography with Europe and Asia being much better for me.

Jen said...

Ok, ok, you are forgiven...
My name is Jennifer, last name Amy and I'm from Uruguay...
So I believe I have the right to forgive you LOL
Hope you are doing fine!

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