Friday, January 18, 2008

The Books You Read

I tell you, I may never have been so happy for it to be Friday! (except for last week. and the week before that. and the week know what I mean!)

The Santa Ana winds were blowing something fierce most nights this week which caused the windowpanes to rattle and my imagination to flare up that all of the trash people leave in the streets was going to HIT. MY. CAR. (I've only had it for three months, see, and still owe about a bajillion dollars on it)

It really did feel at times like trying to sleep through a war.

Anyway, thanks for voting on the latest poll. There were two reasons for such a poll and here they are:

1) I talk about fiction a lot, and wanted to make sure that people who come here might, um, actually read fiction.

2) Those of you who read non-fiction primarily are most warmly invited to suggest a non-fiction book for me to read either in comments or via e-mail that will help me meet my at least one non-fiction book a month New Year's Resolution. Please take note that I enjoy books meant to encourage my faith, biographies, major historical events, and other cultures. And science was my worst ever subject (followed closely by math).

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