Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bits'n'pieces Around the Web

If you haven't noticed, you can now access the blog by going directly to If you wish, please update your links. But if you don't, that's ok too, because if you go to the old address it will still bring you here.

I feel all cool and important now that I've lost the blogspot. Just kidding.

RC at strangeculture blog wrote an excellent post on the shocking death of Heath Ledger. You can read it here. I especially liked/related to this bit:

"Sometimes when celebrities die, even though we don't know them, we have formed a unique intimacy with them over time. Even though they wouldn't miss you if you died, you certainly miss them, are shocked that death would take them, or intrigued at how these people and the people around them are effected by death."

At the risk of becoming Brody Harper's personal advertising page, Connersvine has a blog now.

If you're a parent, Kat is hosting Parent University on Thursdays. This week the topic is teaching your child faith. It looks to be good, so check it out!

And, over at Inspired to Action, we will be starting a book club reading my January non-fiction read, Justice in the Burbs.

Soooooo....don't say I never told you anything.

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