Monday, December 10, 2007

Some Random Stuff

Last night, I went to see Michael W. Smith's Christmas concert in L.A. It was totally gorgeous and great for getting in the spirit of Christmas. As much as I enjoy Michael W. Smith's Christmas music, I was also looking forward to seeing Melinda Doolittle, my favorite contestant from American Idol last year. She did not disappoint! I really hope we get the chance to hear more from her in the future (like a cd).

I want to say sorry!!! to Cristy about the "Silver Bells" post. She answered my facebook question and said that "Silver Bells" was her favorite Christmas song. Actually, I do know that it's a lot of people's favorite Christmas song, and if you all hate "O Holy Night" that's ok, we can still be friends, right?

Um, no sign of the carpet yet, and I cancelled three dedicated and hard-working students sessions for this, so they better show up or at least tell me what's going on!

My sister and her family come on Saturday! I'm so excited to see them! Yay!

What do you all have planned for the week?


Lisa said...

Yea for seeing your sister and family! That's so exciting! Have fun with your nieces! I'm going to Washington D.C. on Thursday to look at Christmas lights. I'm really excited about it! Yea!

Cristy said...

No need for apology Amy, it's not so much the song I love, but the memories it brings back when I hear it. Silver Bells is just the first one of many that came to my mind. I only listen to it one day a year, while we're decorating the tree, along with many other songs that have the same meaning. We also listen to Elvis' Christmas album, again not because I love the songs, but because of the all goes back to remembering my grandmother who passed away 13 years ago.

Have fun with your sister and her family!

ldperez said...

Can't wait to see you too! Yikes! I have SO MUCH TO DO before then! see you soon!

Amy said...

Lisa. That sounds cool, I'm jealous!

Cristy, we used to listen to Evie's C'mon Ring Those Bells when decorating the tree, I get it!

Leah, ha! see you sooooooon!

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