Friday, December 14, 2007

Holiday Luncheon

Today is our holiday luncheon at work.

Free food. A few speeches about how awesome we as a company are. Some prize giveaways (I'm so unlucky, I don't even bother listening for my name, but rather listen for the names of people I know, a rare occurence in itself) And then the rush to get out of the parking lot and on the way home before it jams.

They pay us for it, and I do enjoy it. I usually meet some new people from a totally different area of the company and then have the joy of explaining my job, because most of them had no idea it existed. Oh and usually there are some nice decorations along with festive Christmas music as you have at any holiday party.

Does your work have a holiday party? What's it like?


Cristy said...

We had our holiday party on the 6th of December...our boss took us (and spouses) out to dinner. It's fun to meet the spouses of my co-workers and hang out for awhile.

~ jen ~ said...

We have ours on Christmas Eve. The manager provides a ham, soda and water, and relish trays, and the rest of us are asked to bring a dish, pot luck style. I've gotten a few good recipes over the years from these luncheons, too.

Amy said...

Cristy, that does sound nice!

Jen, YUM!

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