Tuesday, November 6, 2007

WGA Strike

I've been semi following the news about the Writers Guild of America strike. It's interesting to me, because let's face it...without writers we don't have television shows or films. They have to start somewhere. Also interesting is that in current times, writers for tv shows can be a bit like stars themselves if they write for a well loved or cult show. Writers keep blogs for some series as well. (I usually read the Grey's blog for example)

Apparently this strike has to due with writers not receiving any residual income from downloaded shows or other alternative ways these shows are sold. Which, to tell you the truth, I can understand why they're on strike. I think they should receive something if the studios are receiving something. I mean, they even gave up their proposed increase on DVD sales to try to get a deal. I guess ultimately, I don't really understand the hold-out. Fair is fair.

The unfortunate thing is that this strike will affect far more than you and me missing our favorite shows. Once the scripts run dry, quite a lot of people will be out of work. Apparently, the late night shows are already dark. (I don't watch them, so I don't know this for myself) Heroes is contemplating wrapping up the season in December and horror of horrors 24 only has 8 episodes written so far. All of the other people who work to bring us entertainment will have nothing more to do. And we are going to receive an onslaught of reality television and game shows.

Obviously this is the point of the strike. The writers need to show just how indispensable and worthy of the extra income they are. But the fact that it affects the jobs and lives of so many other people makes me uncomfortable.

So then, darling blog readers what are your thoughts on unions and strikes? Do you feel the writers have no ground to stand on? Or are you fully backing them? Or do you just not care?

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