Friday, November 2, 2007


As I've mentioned on this blog before, I'm a pretty big Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. Don't roll your eyes, it's classic tv! Seriously, the show had plenty of artistic merit and loads of talent. There's no show like that on tv now. I might have thought Grey's Anatomy could be, but they traded their characters and storylines in to make it a complete soap. Anyway....

The most awesome of all news is that Joss Whedon the mastermind behind Buffy, Angel, and another show Firefly, is coming back to tv! Yay! He created this new show, Dollhouse, which already has a seven episode order on FOX and stars Eliza Dushku! (Faith, to those of you who are also Buffy fans)

Anyway, this news filled me with glee. So I thought I'd share! You can read about the show here.


Sally said...

Amy, have you heard of a trilogy about Vampires by Stephanie Meyer?

Amy said...

The young adult series right? I've heard that they are really really great and i've even seen really positive reviews by Christians (I think she's a Mormon)

I want to read them, but my TBR pile is a mile high already!

Sally said...

Yes, I guess it's a young adult series. I found out about them from a mom of a 15 year old in my little church last night.

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