Thursday, November 29, 2007

Reading Woes

I was just reading a few articles about how reading scores haven't improved in the past several years. That's a huge bummer. I wish I could work with every child who struggles. The condition of education these days bothers me. We really need a change in strategy.

I was also reading about how students learn better when they see themselves reflected in curriculum. That also made a lot of sense, in fact, it's the reason we have so many Native American themed books in our own library at work, because there are several Native American projects. I appreciate them, because I've learned a lot from them. But it bugs me that kids have to learn from a curriculum that doesn't reflect their own culture at least some of the time. It makes me want to write books for all the forgotten ones! But I'm not of their culture so I would need some help! So if anyone wants to work together on writing some kids books for minority groups, or third world countries, let me know.

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