Wednesday, November 28, 2007

O Christmas Tree

The pesky thing about artificial Christmas trees is that you have to bend the branches out to make it look beautiful. This takes some artistic skill. (if you do not think this requires artistic skill than you obviously have some) Have I ever mentioned that I couldn't possibly lack artistic skill any more than I already do? People have looked at my stick figures with great confusion.

Another thing that doesn't help is if your artificial Christmas tree came from the dollar store, is three years old, and when purchased had a curve to the spine.

This tree is the one I use to decorate my "office." It is truly dejected looking, but I love it all the same, as do the students.

When growing up, we always had real trees. I thought that was the best way to go. After all, real trees have the smell of Christmas. But now I have the pesky environmental conscience that thinks artificial trees may be the best way to go. Except that you have to have room to store them.

So what about you? Are you a real tree, artifical tree, or no tree sort of person?


Cristy said...

We're a real tree family, and it's a tradition. But now that you've mentioned the environment, I'm feeling kinda bad about it our decision. But, our city collects the trees after New Years, mulches them, then lets anyone from the community pick up the mulch free of I guess I always thought that atleast it was being recycled.

Amy said...

Well, I do love real trees, and didn't mean to make you feel guilty! Plus it sounds good what the community know fully using the tree so it isn't wasted.

The Secret Life of Kat said...

We're an artificial tree family - it's less nerve wracking with little ones who put things in their mouths.

~ jen ~ said...

REAL TREE! We also take ours to the park and they get recycled into mulch. AND we go cut ours down at a tree farm, so we know that more will be planted. The week of Dec 10 we are going to pick ours out. Photos will be posted!

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