Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I've Changed My Plea to Guilty

I read this awhile back, but honestly it's the sort of news that must be shared. Books have been written about how legendary this man is. I've known countless guys in my life who styled their hair after him. Nothing beats popping in one of his or his former band's cds and singing your heart out....even my mother enjoyed a song or two of his.

Read about it.

(On the humorous side, one of my favorite high school memories is going to see him in concert with a bunch of friends and then all wearing our shirts the next day. YES, we were THAT dorky. Incidentally, we normally wouldn't have been seen around each other at school, except that most of us were working on this French fair thing we put on for the middle schoolers. So we just ended up a bit humiliated. I think one person was smart and didn't wear the shirt. She was always cooler than the rest of us anyway.)


Thomas said...

Amy, I just stopped by to cheer you on as you work on your Nanowrimo goal.



Amy said...

Thanks Thomas!

It's slow going, but it's still going!

Sally said...

Which ones were those?

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