Friday, September 21, 2007


Why is the drive-thru experience so frustrating??????? Why, oh, why is there almost always a problem with the order?

Today, I went to a fast food chain restaurant and ordered a diet pepsi, and you guessed it, I got a regular pepsi. This happens frequently. I've stopped going to another one altogether because they ALWAYS got it wrong.
Today, I can say, well I'm sick. I'm probably not that clear. And the little order box seemed broken as well. I could barely hear them. And then I forgot to double check at the window. But the whole point is that I shouldn't have to double check. And I shouldn't be feeling like my orders are inaccurate at least 50 percent of the time.

I'm just trying to zip through the drive through for a quick lunch, folks. Don't want to turn it into a whole big ordeal. So....what's the solution? Anyone else have some experiences with this?

(Mrs. Riley and Lisa also had great posts about drive throughs recently.)


~ jen ~ said...

I HATE DRIVE-THRU's!!!!!!!!! I will almost never use one, except for the bank, cos having an antsy 2 year old running around the bank is annoying for EVRYONE!

As far as food, for home or work, I choose to call in an order, and drive to the place and go in and pick it up. That way, I can check the order right there in front of someone, and have it fixed right away. Also, they can keep the hot stuff hat and the cold stuff cold til I get there. OR, I like the food to come to me, like Chinese or pizza! YUM!

~ jen ~ said...

Um, that should read :hot stuff hot" not "hot stuff hat". Tee-hee. OOPS!

ldperez said...

yup. my brother-in-law is also involved in working on a project that will improve the drive-through experience. hopefully it will work!

Amy said...

Lol. Glad to know everyone feels the same way. Hopefully your brother-in-law can improve their lousy service, Leah!

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