Friday, September 21, 2007

Christmas Music 2007 Update

I forgot to mention that Relient K is also coming out with about seven songs added onto their previous Christmas release. That should be fun. Additionally, Celine Dion is re-releasing her Christmas CD with the added bonus of a DVD of a Christmas television special she did the last time it came out. Josh Groban and Mindy Smith are also releasing Christmas cds. So once again, it looks like a great year for Christmas music.

Christy Nockels, next year, maybe?

Anyone else know of anything good?


Thomas said...

Event though this was released late Christmas season last year, Ginny Owens’ Bring us Peace Christmas album could almost count as a new release this year. Ginny had no advertisement and hardly any stores selling the album because it was done as a indie album.


Amy said...

Oh, I really want to get that one, too, thanks Thomas!

Unknown said...

If you are looking for great Christmas music, I just bought the most incredible coffee table book, music book and CD collection with the Vienna Boys Choir, Burl Ives, Tanya Tucker - amazing collection. You should check it out. Sure puts me in the holiday spirit!

Amy said...

Thanks for the recommendation Spirit in Art!

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