Wednesday, August 1, 2007

New Music: Jake Smith

I'm a huge fan of Rocketown Records which you may or may not know. Rocketown produced great talents like Chris Rice, Watermark, Shaun Groves, and Ginny Owens. The Rocketown of today obviously looks a lot different than that--not one of those artists are still on their roster. But Rocketown is still bringing out some great stuff, like the new album by Jake Smith, Real.

I don't actually have my cd in hand yet, but I've been able to listen to it streaming online and it's just fantastic. The Christianity Today review likens Jake to the sounds of John Mayer, Jason Mraz, and Ray LaMontagne. The end of their review states:
"It's the sort of album people are quietly clamoring for in Christian music these days—something that's accessible, but still different enough in approach to distinguish it. In short, Jake Smith easily proves himself as one of the year's best new artists, and Real more than lives up to its title musically and lyrically."

So in short, check it out! I think you'll really like it. Plus, if you haven't already and you like that more traditional CCM sound, you might want to check out Michael Olson's Where Fear and Faith Collide. I was listening to it the other day and it's a great album, especially the song "Tell Me Again" (Sara Groves lends some guest vocals as well).


euphrony said...

Real shipped today and I should have it in hand by the weekend. I've been listening to one song from it - "This is Certain" - for a while as a free download and can't get it out of my head.

I like Michael Olson's stuff, too, and have four or five songs off of Where Fear and Faith Collide. Including "Tell me Again".

Thomas said...

I put my order in today.

Amy, thank you for stopping by my blog. (My Random Thoughts)


Amy said...

Thomas...nice blog!

I'm so glad you guys already ordered the cd!

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