Tuesday, July 31, 2007

40 Day Fast--Debriefing

What an amazing 40 Days! Seriously, I wasn't sure what to expect when we started this, but it has been awesome! We've highlighted needs all over the world in many different areas, seen children sponsored, bought a goat or two, and drawn together as a blogging community. I'm going to miss going to the post of the day and being educated on a new issue in the world. I really think it has helped me to think more globally and be more aware of the blessings I have and the responsibility that comes with them.

Fasting for a day taught me that it's not fun when you can't just grab some food to satiate that hunger. We often don't go without in the West, and yet so many go without all through the world. So it wasn't a bad thing--to delay gratification and take a moment to appreciate the goodness of having food to eat.

I also was really challenged by my own attitude before the fast. Why did it take this fast for me to write about human trafficking? I had a student that saw the movie Human Trafficking and immediately told everyone she knew about it. What an inspiration. So following on that inspiration, I'm going to use this blog space to blog about something other than myself even more. I'm going to try to blog once a week about the issues of human trafficking and a few other issues close to my heart so that they are kept in the forefront of my mind and hopefully others will come here and see it and learn.

If you haven't found a way to respond to the 40 Day Fast yet, I encourage you to go back and read through the posts and find an issue that speaks to your heart. Ask God how you might be part of the solution for that problem. And then blog about it! There's power in sharing!

A huge thanks to Kat for her obedience to God in starting the fast. If anyone else has something they'd like to say about it please comment away!


Chaotic Hammer said...

Very well said. I definitely share many of the same thoughts and feelings you've expressed here.

I hope to try and post a few thoughts about this experience over the next few days, but I think that you've already captured a lot of my feelings with this relatively short and concise post.

Perhaps I need to learn how to express myself in fewer words. Take this long comment, for example...

Amy said...

I am always on the short side! Back in school, I always struggled to meet word counts.

I like your long comments! They give much insight.

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