Thursday, June 21, 2007

Australia Bans Alcohol and Pornography from the Poor

I think this is a very interesting article.

It discusses new measures Australia is implementing to curb an ongoing growing problem of child abuse.

In short, Australia is taking away the toys from the Aborigine poor*. No more alcohol. No more pornography. You can't take care of your children because of these things, so we're going to take them away. Never mind that half the reason you are the poor in this country has to do with us. Never mind that poverty and racism are the root issues. This is what we must do to protect the children.

It's kind of interesting, because it's the same thing we often try to do in Christianity. Alcohol can be a problem, so therefore, no one at all should drink. End of problem. Sexual temptation is one of the strongest temptations, therefore let's not talk in honest and realistic terms about sex and slap as much shame as possible on those who fail. Problem solved.

And while alcoholism and sexual sin are indeed problems, there is a root problem of brokenness in all of is. We are separated from God. We cannot save ourselves. We need to know that God is a God of grace and mercy. We need to understand that nothing in this universe can compare with loving Him. Loving Him means loving others and loving ourselves.

Will taking away alcohol and pornography make the Aborigine's love their children more? Will the pain in their hearts that they were trying to ease through these other means disappear because they can no longer get their fix? If a Christian never touches alcohol or has sex outside of marriage are they whole?

(*This will go into effect only in Australia's northern areas where the federal government has control.)


kathryn said...

Wow, Amy. . i wasn't aware of this problem in Australia. i need to be praying more for the countries in the world. .

Amy said...

I know, it's actually really sad that pornography and child abuse and alcoholism are such huge problems.

kddub said...

that is so sad! You are right though, those things are just symptoms to a deeper issue.

mahesh said...

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andrew123 said...

Andrew said....

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Anonymous said...

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