Wednesday, March 21, 2007

American Idol so far

It's always fun to post about American Idol because it doesn't take much thought. I find this whole American Idol season to be quite strange.

1) Why oh why is Haley pulling a Katharine Mcphee? Please someone tell the girl to put her clothes back on!
2) If Blake is singing and dancing in an 80's style can it still be called current and modern? (hint, it's 2007)
3) Why no love for Chris Sligh? What did he do personally to the groups of internet users who seem to hate him?
4) Could Sanjaya possibly be more entertaining? It's my secret wish that he makes it far, TPTB refuse to sign a record deal and someone else does and he outsells every idol ever. It would serve them right.

Anyone else? How's the season so far for you?


kathryn said...

yeah, the season feels strange. Hayley, i guess she's decided to work her 'assets'. Sanjaya - oh boy. . i feel like this on Survivor when someone you really want to go remains on and on and on!!! Chris Sligh - meh. . . kinda hit and miss. I feel like his personality from the early part of the show has completely left the building.

Chaotic Hammer said...

This season is certainly interesting.

First of all, I DVR each week's performances and results, so I usually don't know until late in the week or on the weekend who was eliminated (including this week). And I guess I just don't watch enough TV to spoil that, meaning I have yet to run across a spoiler on another TV show revealing who was eliminated.

So, about your comments:

1) I guess you must be referring to the way she dressed this week (which I haven't seen), because I haven't noticed this up until now. I will say this about Haley -- she reminds me so very much of Olivia Newton-John, it's not even funny. I swear her voice sounds just like her.

2) Blake is interesting. At least he has a certain kind of talent, though it's not strictly a singing talent. I kinda like all the beatbox stuff, it's entertaining, but it only gets you so far in a singing competition.

3) Yeah, I've found Chris one of the more entertaining folks this year, overall. Very funny guy, I think he's likeable (though I agree that he's sort of dropped the funny-guy bit to try and be a serious vocalist or something -- not a good move, IMHO). But he's not the best vocalist, and it is supposed to be a singing competition. I think we'll see him back on TV as a host, comedian, or on-air personality of some sort.

4) Sanjaya is atrocious. My wife and I say he is getting the "Jim Verraros Vote" (if you've been watching since Season One, you understand that comment). Lots of little middle-school and teeny-bopper bubble gum girls, dialing as fast as they can. He's probably also getting the vote, which is apparently quite a big thing these days.

Amy said...

yeah, the Jim Verraros vote.
Sanjaya will probably be with us till the top 5. Poor us!
He definitely has VFTW votes!

I love Melinda and Jordin though...who do you guys like?

kathryn said...

yes, i too love Melinda and Jordin. I also love LaKisha.

Chaotic Hammer said...

I would agree that those are definitely the best three -- Melinda, LaKisha, and Jordin.

I'm a little concerned that all three of them will probably not make it to being the final three. It seems like various things come into play -- different singers appeal to different groups and demographics (e.g. Sanjaya appealing to the tween girls, etc), and when you have three strong-voiced female singers, it sort of splits the vote in strange ways, and skews the results of the voting.

To reference Season One again, when I see this happen, I think of it as the Tamyra Gray effect. People just assume that the best singers will get lots of votes, so they vote for those who they like that are "on the bubble". But because of that, the better singers don't always get the most votes. Or something like that. :-)

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