Friday, February 9, 2007

Waiting on the World to Change?

I have to admit something. I hate this song. If nothing else, I hate this line....waiting on the world to change.

It's nothing against John Mayer, really. He has a few songs that I actually love. He's not my favorite artist by any means, but also not my most hated.

It's just.....the song feels like a whine about being misunderstood and that everyone in power is sort of the big bad guy and well, we'd do it perfectly, but we can't yet, not until everyone else dies. (admittedly, I had to get that from asking my cell group leader what the song was about. )Because what stands out and the line that is sung more than any other is "waiting on the world to change." And everytime, I want to scream, why wait? You have the power to be a good person right where you are, and the power to effect change in the lives of people around you. So why are you waiting? And I guess, at the root of it, I despise it because it seems to imply that if he were somehow the one in power the world would be better. As if the key to making the world a better place rests in the hands of government or those in charge. As if sinful corrupt human nature would be buried forever if only, if only, he could own the news and the information. No one would be at war and life would be dandy. If only.

Maybe I misunderstand. Maybe he's saying something totally different. Feel free to defend the song in comments if you so desire.

But I'll still hate it. Because they play it on the radio way too much.

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